First Trimester

Finding out you’re pregnant is so crazy! This whole experience has actually been pretty crazy. From day one finding out, to extreme fatigue, to feeling completely normal, i.e. not pregnant at all, it’s been a roller coaster ride…thank you hormones! I have three months to recap, so I’ll try to keep it as short and sweet as possible!

First Trimester | Fresh Fit Florida

Nightly walk at 11 weeks!

Finding Out

I woke up on a Saturday with the symptoms of dehydration from one too many drinks the night before. You  know that yuck feeling where you just want salty foods and gatorades? I nursed my mini hangover and lounged all day around the house. Around 3pm that day I had the urge to take a little nap and when I went to lay down I couldn’t get my pulse to slow…my heart was racing! NBD, that happens when you lay down too quickly or stand up too fast, but this time I could not seem to calm down. At this point, I’m thinking pregnant. And thinking that maybe I was late by one day. One day! That’s it!! Which isn’t totally unusual for me. Anyways, I mention this to Brian and he thinks I’m nuts, but we head to the closest Walgreens. I get two kits, so four sticks total. And the cashier says ‘Congrats if that’s a good thing.’ I guess the weird comments made to pregnant women was already starting?!

Fast forward, I took the first test, waited, and saw the two pink lines. I raced into the garage to tell Brian who couldn’t believe it. Naturally, I took the next three tests. All positive. So many thoughts were racing through both of our heads. We slept on it and gave ourselves some time to process this huge news.

Sunday morning, I just felt like I needed to take another test. So we drove to CVS, picked up two more tests and then to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a light breakfast before I met my mother and mother in law for brunch. I literally couldn’t wait until I got home to take a test, so yep I peed on a stick at Dunkin Donuts. And yet another positive. If you’re keeping score, that’s five positive tests so far!

Peed on another three at home and it may have finally hit me. I’m pregnant!

We’re going to be parents!!!

I then went to brunch on such an adrenaline high and secretly pulled our server aside and asked for a virgin mimosa. I was sweating bullets all through brunch but made it through. We actually didn’t tell anyone until we hit the six week mark! But more on that later….

We wanted to be 100% sure everything was good, so Monday morning I began calling doctors offices near me who would see me. Cue my first meltdown. Did you know offices won’t see you until six weeks?? That’s usually because most women don’t find out until then. I’ll come to find out that we found out super early (almost down to the day!) and that every nurse, doctor, and tech I’d come to know would say, ‘Wow you’ve got a long way to go! You found out so early!’ But it was so stressful that no one will take you for an appointment. I was thinking how can they just let pregnant women go around for a few weeks without an appointment?! Surely they will see you! I finally found an office who wanted me to come in for a proof of pregnancy. Finally!! I skipped school and headed straight for the doctors office. Peed in a cup, met the doctor, and they sent me on my way with an appointment for my first ultrasound at 6 weeks. They determined I was four weeks and a handful of days and that my due date would be December 16th! Holy shit this is getting real!

The next two weeks seemed to drag on, but finally it was time for my first appointment. I actually ran the Star Wars 10k right before my appointment and just after we found out! Such a stressful weekend hiding it from all my people! We spent the weekend with our family and closest friends and alcohol, so it was tough…but finally our appointment arrived.

We got to see our little baby on the screen which was so surreal! The doctor answered all my questions and said though it was early, everything looked great. We decided to tell everyone that Friday, under the guise of Macy’s third birthday.

First Trimester | Fresh Fit Florida

The Big Reveal

We had my parents and Brian’s parents over to celebrate Macy’s birthday party on May 1st. It was killing us holding in this secret…for two weeks!! Worst of all was that I spent the entire day leading up to the reveal with my parents and it was so hard to keep it a secret. Finally we didn’t have to: we gathered the family around for a slideshow of Macy photos with the final photo of Macy with the ultrasound.

First Trimester | Fresh Fit Florida

Brian and I finally shared our big news!! Everyone just sat shocked! Not really sure what was happening! I think a good minute of silence passed then tears and hugging from the ladies and more silence from the men! I think everyone was just so shocked and surprised. It was an awesome way to share with everyone.

First Trimester | Fresh Fit Florida

Next on the list to tell what my girl Lindsay! And after that everyone was sworn to secrecy. We really wanted to wait until the end of the first trimester to tell the rest of our families and friends. OMG was is so hard to keep that secret for another SIX WEEKS!!

First Trimester | Fresh Fit Florida

Six Weeks Pregnant! Baby is the size of a sweet pea!

Weight Gain

I really didn’t get too much weight during the first trimester! At my eight week appointment, I was only up one pound! By the end of the first trimester I had only gained about 2-3 pounds! 🙏


So so tired!! Fatigue pretty much 24/7 that lasted for a few solid weeks.

Bloated feeling that seemed to linger as well. The first few weeks early in my first trimester really seemed as similar to period symptoms.

Slight naseau, thankfully no real sickness. Pretty much experienced naseau every morning when I woke up, but would usually have some sparkling water with crackers or toast, fall back asleep for an hour and be pretty good to go. Only time I was truly sick, was on Mother’s Day (of all days!!) and had a huge breakfast buffet at Animal Kingdom Lodge, followed by a Chinese food dinner. Baby woke me up at 1am and was NOT feelin’ all the heavy foods of the day. I since counted my lucky stars I didn’t throw up daily!

First Trimester | Fresh Fit Florida

Mother’s Day 2016!


At first, I could not get enough Reeses Puffs cereal. WTF, so random, but do damn delicious. Funny enough, the afternoon before we were waiting to share our news I poured myself a huge bowl of Reeses Puffs and my parents were so surprised because I hardly ever eat food like that! I also always a diet heavier on the carbs than usual, probably due to the nauseous in the mornings. Breads and pastas sounded better than everything else.

First Trimester | Fresh Fit Florida

This photo was taken in my brief period of craving watermelon and pickles. Together…at the same time. That’s been the weirdest thing so far!


Chicken. Oh god no. Please no chicken. Even now. So gross. Also mushrooms. And Chinese food. That’s it!


I planned from day one to try my best to be as healthy as possible during my pregnancy. I was running a lot more during my first trimester than I am now, but I contribute that more towards hot damn hot it is out right now. The weather was still great during my first trimester, so I’d try to run with Macy a few times a week, with some other workouts mixed in, like weight circuits in our garage gym. I worked this around the extreme fatigue I felt. More on that below…

First Trimester | Fresh Fit Florida


All day errday! I couldn’t get enough sleep. I was exhausted all. the. time. I was sleeping like 12 hours a night then coming home from school and crashing for like an hour or two before dinner. It was crazy how fatigued I was. It hit be pretty hard around week 7-9 or so and still comes and goes. I have my days!

Pregnancy Related Purchases

Not yet! During the first trimester, I was very anxious to buy anything yet!

Things I’m Looking Forward to Most

Painting the baby’s room and our next appointment! And of course the gender!

Boy or Girl Prediction?

At that point, we weren’t too sure!


Stay tuned for the next update..I’ll recap the first couple months of my second trimester and then the gender reveal party!! 😱


Blog Announcements!

Hi ya’’s been quite a few months since I last posted and figured I was due for a little catch up time! When I started my blog, I wanted to be sure not to apologize for missing a post or for going a couple weeks without a post, since it’s mine and life can get in the way. It happens! If you have a blog, then you know too! It’s true this space has been put on the back burner…for reasons you’ll find below…but my goal is to keep it up and running during all the craziness of life!

Anyways, here’s a few life updates and things you can look forward to with a regular posting schedule!

My blog celebrated it’s 1st birthday!

It’s been over a year since I started a little tumblr. account and had really no direction on where I was going. It’ll be a year in August since I got serious about blogging and moved my tumblr. to the domain and it’s been a fun year! My blog has grown a lot, which is obviously excited and I’ve connected with many great thank you!! I can’t wait to see what the next few years have in store.


I’m still in school to become an RD. 

In fact, I was accepted early to the next program start of the dietetics program, which is in August!

Dietetics Student Beginning August | Fresh Fit Florida

Got my scrubs, schedule, and tons of new school supplies, so I am ready!


We are so excited to welcome our first child in December! It’s an exciting time over here and Brian and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been a crazy few months so far and time is starting to really go by fast. I ended my first trimester with little morning sickness, random cravings, and extreme fatigue (part of why my hiatus around here stuck…). I’m welcoming the second trimester and what the next few months have in store! I’m wanting to blog about my pregnancy not only to share with others, but so I can look back over it and remember all the fun times and memories. So stay tuned!

Pregnancy Announcement | Fresh Fit Florida

That about sums up a few things around here. Looking forward to a few months of excitement and new posts. Thanks for reading!


Star Wars Weekend Race Recap

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend has come and gone and now we’re all back to the Monday grind. ☕️ It was a great weekend for the 10k, Flower and Garden fest at Epcot, and lots of fun with friends and family! I’m having some Monday blues like always, but it’s always fun to think back over the weekend and share recaps on the blog. It makes Monday that much better! 😉


Friday evening kicked off race weekend with a quick trip to the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend expo at ESPN’s Jostens Center. We printed our waivers, picked up our bibs, packets, and shirts, and did a quick loop of the expo merchandise. We were on the hunt for shirts to wear to the race, but had no luck at the expo, so we made an emergency trip to Target for last minute snacks, coconut waters, and the muscle tanks we ended up wearing for the race!

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Back at Lindsay’s we whipped up turkey burgers and sweet potato fries with big fresh salads, laid out our outfits and packed up for our 3:45am wakeup call Saturday morning.

Our alarms rang way too early Saturday, but I felt rested and ready to go! We made it to Epcot by about 4:50am with enough time for a potty stop and the long walk to the corrals.  The wait once in the corrals seemed faster than usual, but I guess that’s because there were a lot less corrals at the 10k than at larger distance races. At about 5:45am Corral C (!!!) crossed the start line and we were off!

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

We started on main roads outside Epcot, heading back towards Epcot. We ran by Test Track and in the World Showcase between China and Mexico. We took a right towards the front of the park and ran right through to Canada, then out of the park before reaching France. There were tiny hills to get past on the way to the Boardwalk, then my awesome family was stationed cheering us on. Shoutout to them for coming out at 5am to cheer for us!

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

super blurry UK pic

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Before leaving Boardwalk, we hit the mile 2 marker and made our way on the path to Hollywood Studios. The pathway that connects Boardwalk and DHS is pretty narrow, so we slowed our pace here because of all the people. I heard it was like that for the half too. It quickly broke up and we were back on track for reaching DHS and mile 3! We entered Hollywood Studios by the front entrance of the park and took a back way in to come out right on the main road into the park. We stopped for a super fast bathroom break (hello real bathrooms!) and were back on the course. Taking a right on Streets of Hollywood, we passed Tower of Terror and went out a service entrance onto Lake Buena Vista Drive and onto the more boring point of the race. We turned off LBVDr as fast as we got on and made our way to ESPN. Up and over one overpass and onto Osceola Parkway, before we knew it we were on the final mile!

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

We left Osceola Parkway and turned on the dirt and gravel path that everyone hates so much for about a quarter (ish) mile into ESPN. Once we were in to ESPN, the last bit of the mile flew by and the finish line was in sight! At this point, we thought we were close to a PR, so we huffed it to the finish line and crossed at 1:24:11, just four minutes away from a PR. We ran the mileage straight through, with the exception of the fastest bathroom stop ever, and felt really good! The 10k was the furthest distance I’ve run since the marathon, and it felt challenging but also really great.

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

We crossed the finish line, received our medals, and made our way to Powerades and snack boxes! Somehow I ended up with 2 boxes, which meant double the cheese and chips for me! After getting our boxes, we headed towards the fleet of buses shuttling runners and spectators back to hotels or Epcot. We found the Epcot shuttles and of course had the longest line. We thought we’d be stuck there forever, and with some looming rain clouds, we weren’t too thrilled. Thankfully the lines moved rather quickly and we were on the bus back to Epcot within 15 minutes. Back at the Epcot parking lot, we found our car and drove over to Boardwalk to meet up with our group. We had also packed a change of clothes and some things to freshen up since we planned to hang at the park after the race, so we just freshened up in the car in the parking lot. I must do this for future races, but I felt so fresh and so clean! After meeting back with our group we made our way into Epcot and did a little eating and drinking around the world at Flower and Garden and enjoyed the day together.

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Fresh Fit Florida

Overall, I really enjoyed the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend. I liked the course of the 10k, and not to mention the 10k distance! It felt good to be able to run straight through and have less pressure than the marathon or a half.

The on course entertainment was really great…seemed like we constantly passed characters and photo spots around every corner. We rarely, if ever, have stopped for photos during a runDisney race, usually due to the line lengths, we want to avoid the balloon ladies, we want a good time, etc.. For this one, the lines for character photos were probably the longest I’ve seen in awhile at a Disney race, so there was no way we would’ve stopped at this race. However, I thought the amount of stops was awesome. The final bit of the race was lined with various Star Wars characters..mostly Storm Troopers, fighters, etc. which was really cool. We still didn’t stop, but there were no lines, you just stopped for a selfie and went on to finish. I really just thought that the race theme was better carried out throughout the entire weekend. I guess because it’s a newer race, I thought there was more fanfare surrounding the entire weekend than previous races if that makes sense. Overall, I’m excited to do the race again. I loved the 10k distance for something to change it up and look forward to it next year!

Would you run a race during Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend? Have you run a runDisney race before? Share with me!


Star Wars Weekend Race Gear

It’s Star Wars Weekend at Walt Disney World! I can’t believe it’s finally here! This is the inaugural race for the Star Wars Half Marathon Dark Side Weekend and I am super excited to be apart of it! No race weekend is complete with a roundup of cute items for the weekend, so read on for some outfit inspiration for the inaugural race! I’ll be running in the 10k, so follow my IG for photos and race day updates!

Star Wars Weekend Outfit Inspiration | Fresh Fit Florida

  1. Stash all your race weekend necessities in this adorable Dooney and Bourke side purse. I love this style for easy access at the expo and to store everything I need for my post run park visit. It’s the perfect size for all the park bound necessities, i.e. sunglasses, wallet, Magic Band, snacks, body spray, etc. and is perfectly themed for the weekend!
  2. I’ve mentioned before I’m a no frills girl when it comes to race costumes..always favoring themed gear vs. an actual costume, but these Minnie ears are so cute that I could probably suffer through the 10k with them on my head!
  3. A lightweight pair of sneaks to throw on on the way to the expo or for some shopping at Disney Springs is definitely a necessity. I like to save my running shoes for the big day, so I’ll bring an extra pair to wear out and about before and after the race.
  4. I can’t leave off a really cute Sweaty Band that’s themed to the newest Star Wars movie! I love that it’s subtle but still themed for race weekend, plus it keeps back all the hair.
  5. I love all the Minnie/Star Wars combo gear you can find online. This tank would be so cute for any of the races of the inaugural weekend.
  6. Race weekend hydration is key! You’ll find me toting my refillable bottle all around the expo and parks…it doesn’t leave my side during race weekends! I love this galaxy Swell Bottle..guaranteed to keep your bev cold till the last drop!
  7. Mesh workout pants are my favorite trend right now and these ones are such a fun pant for Star Wars Weekend! The mesh panels should keep you cool, especially during the heat advisory that seems to arrive for every runDisney race.

Star Wars Weekend Outfit Inspiration | Fresh Fit Florida

Are you participating in the inaugural race this weekend? Share below and I’ll see you there!!


Things Making me Happy Right Now

Maybe it’s the promise of summer right around the corner and the gorgeous weather lately, but I can’t help feel a little extra spring in my step. I’ve been feeling really positive and choosing happiness, so I wanted to take the time to put together a little roundup of the things making me smile lately. Sometime’s it’s nice to sit down and reflect on the little things that make your day. Read on for my list and share with me what makes you happy in the comments below!


Our finished outdoor patio. Brian and I have put a lot of work to our little outdoor space and sitting out there everyday tops my list of happy things.

Things Making me Happy Right Now | Fresh Fit Florida

Tiki Beach scent in my car from Bath and Body. This scent is one of my favorites B&B comes out with for the summer season, so I quickly snagged one and stuck it in my car. It makes sitting in rush hour traffic that much more enjoyable, plus it makes me feel like I’m beach bound vs. school bound.

Things Making me Happy Right Now | Fresh Fit Florida

Nail polish- Cajun Shrimp OPI, info below

Hot cups of coffee make me the happiest. I love waking up to a big cup of coffee every day and it really gets my day started on the right foot. Currently loving Coconut Mocha Kcups from Donut Shoppe and the caramelized honey latte from Starbucks with coconut milk. Yum!

The weather lately. Thanks to all the snow storms up north, we’ve had cool, dry weather down here and it’s absolutely glorious. It’s also very unexpected for this time of year so I can’t get enough of it.

Star Wars 10k this weekend. I can’t believe it’s another race week around here! And then Epcot Flower and Garden post run! And a girl’s weekend sleepover with my sista from another mista. What a time to be alive.

Star Wars 10k | Fresh Fit Florida

I cannot get enough of fresh juicy fruit right now. Some of my summertime faves are starting to come back into season, like fresh watermelon. Last week at my farmers market I noticed that some stands had big melons, so I asked to try some before I bought one and it was delicious. Now I have a ton leftover still…eating an entire watermelon is a tough task, but don’t underestimate me!

Things Making me Happy Right Now | Fresh Fit Florida

Fresh flowers on the counter make me happy. Pretty flowers for no reason are the best. I’ll treat myself at the grocery store to a fresh new bouquet every couple weeks and the sight of fresh blooms brightens my day.

Outdoor workouts! My weekly tabata class takes it outdoors when the weather is nice which I absolutely love and look forward to each week. Weekly runs and walks at trails during the weeks are also one of the highlights of my weeks lately!

Things Making me Happy Right Now | Fresh Fit Florida

Sunset view from tabata!

New nail polish. I don’t really have a good reason except that when my nails are freshly painted I feel more put together. I’ve been enjoying pretty colors for spring and prepping for summer with these new hues: Mod About You | Turquois and Caicos Below Photo | You’re Such a Budapest | Cajun Shrimp <- favorite for summer!

Things Making me Happy Right Now | Fresh Fit Florida

There isn’t anything better than ice cold beer enjoyed with friends and family outdoors this time of year! 🍻

Things Making me Happy Right Now | Fresh Fit Florida

So classy with my coozie

I think that sums up my little list of happiness right now. What’s making you happy right now? What are you most looking forward to this spring/summer?



National Walking Day!

Happy National Walking Day! Who knew this was a day, right? National Caramel Day?? Which was yesterday. National Chips and Salsa Day?? (Everyday)?? International Safety Pin Day??? I swear 2016 is the year of quirky holidays… each day has a new thing to celebrate and I actually enjoy it. Let’s celebrate the little things!

Anyways, today’s National Walking Day and I think it’s a fun reminder that walking is a great way to get in shape and maintain a healthy fitness level. Working out doesn’t have to be complicated! Walking helps maintain a healthy weight, strengthen and tone muscles, improves mood, and does all the other things working out does! There’s lots of reasons to lace up and get out there, so here’s a handful of reasons and ways to make it more enjoyable!

Make Plans with Friends and Family

It’s crazy how far you’ll go when you’re chatting and walking away with your friends and family. Three miles will pass and you won’t even notice you’ve worked out. Walking burns approximately 100 calories per mile, so that’s a perfect excuse to go for a walk! My parents walk every night and we’ve met up at local trails to spend time together and get moving.

National Walking Day | Fresh Fit Florida

Leash up your pup

Our dog Macy needs lots of walks. She loves to be outdoors and looks forward to multiple walks a day. I know this because she’s told me. But your dog is the perfect excuse to get out there. Not only are you doing your body some good, your pup will thank you too! In addition to daily walks around our neighborhood, I’ll take Macy to a local pedestrian trail to fit in a few extra miles with her. I’m happy because I get in extra steps and Macy’s high energy is usually burnt out afterwards!

National Walking Day | Fresh Fit Florida

Signup for a 5k

There’s no rule that says a race has to be run. There’s so many family friendly, non competitive races that encourages you to just get active. A race is a fun environment to get a workout in and enjoy the festivities of a 5k. Plan one a month and make it a goal to improve your times.

National Walking Day | Fresh Fit Florida

Find a new trail 

It’s so fun to explore new places! Find a new trail by your house, pack some waters, and check it out. There’s likely a state park in your area or a pedestrian trail where you’ll find so many other people walking, biking, roller blading, and running, and it’s so nice to be outside and enjoy the weather. I do this weekly, whether to walk or run and look forward to it each week!

National Walking Day | Fresh Fit Florida

Checkin with a Walking App or Fitbit

I love my fitbit! It keeps me motivated and allows me to check my stats and track my daily steps. I get so competitive with myself to hit 10,000 steps daily..if I’m close, I’ll walk laps at my house or will take Macy out one more time before bed to reach that goal of 5 miles per day. If you don’t have an activity band, there’s plenty of free apps for your phones too! Apple products have the preprogrammed Healthy app that tracks steps and there’s plenty of tracking apps out there. All you have to do it search and select the one that will best fit your needs!

National Walking Day | Fresh Fit Florida

When all else fails, treat yourself to some new gear

I’m always motivated by some new workout gear, so to motivate yourself, treat yourself to some comfy, supportive shoes to go walking or a new pair of shorts, etc. If you have proper gear you’ll be better prepared for workouts and less likely to make excuses. When you have your new outfit or sneaks, you’ll look forward to putting it on and going out for a walk.

National Walking Day | Fresh Fit Florida

Will you be hitting the trails and lacing up today or this week?? Share how you’ll be getting your steps in in the comments! More info about walking Here.


5 Zoodle Recipes with 5 or Less Ingredients

I may be a little late to the party, but zucchini noodles have quickly become a staple of mine. Packed with nutrients and a perfect sub for pasta, zoodles make the a delicious dish for clean and healthy eating. I’ll often substitute these veggie noodles for pastas and I don’t miss the carbs at all!

I’ll throw these together for a quick dinner, usually only what I have on hand. So here’s a roundup of my go to zoodle recipes using only 5 ingredients or less!

5 Zucchini Noodle Recipes | Fresh Fit Florida

I spiralize the zucchini first, using this spiralizer, then sauté in each of the following recipes!

Garlicky Zoodles

1 zucchini| 1 tablespoon garlic or herb infused olive oil | 1 tablespoon shredded parm | 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, halved

Saute zoodles in the olive oil until tender. Stir in shredded part and cherry tomatoes. This is my usual go to and favorite recipe!

Sesame Stir Fry Zoodles

1 zucchini | 1 tablespoon sesame oil | 1 tablespoon peanut butter | 1-2 teaspoons soy sauce (I use low sodium or tamari) | sesame seeds

Whisk sesame oil, PB, and soy sauce till smooth. Saute zucchini with a little coconut oil or cooking spray until tender. Add sauce mixture and heat through. Toss in sesame seeds and enjoy. This is my other favorite. Yum, so good.

5 Zucchini Noodle Recipes | Fresh Fit Florida

Add zoodles to regular noodles to break up the carb sitch

Basil Pesto Zoodles

1 zucchini | 2 tablespoons prepared basil peso | 1 teaspoon infused olive oil

Saute the zucchini noodles in the olive oil; add in the pesto and stir until completely coated. Obsessed.

Bruschetta Zoodles

1 zucchini | 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, diced | 1 tablespoon fresh basil, minced | 1 clove garlic | 2 tablespoons diced onion | Extra: 1 tablespoon shredded parm

Saute the noodles in a non stick skillet with the garlic and onions. Once veggies are tender, add basil and tomatoes. Cook until heated through and serve.

Chicken Zoodle Soup

1 zucchini | 2 cups prepared chicken and veggie soup

Add spiralized zucchini noodles to some prepared chicken and veggie soup to replace the pasta. Either use your favorite recipe or spice up a healthy and light store bought version. Adding the noodles adds a nutritional punch to an easy store bought option!

5 Zucchini Noodle Recipes | Fresh Fit Florida

my favorite part are those little curlicues, like the ones you randomly get in curly fries!

So there’s 5 easy ways to add some zoodles into your dinner and lunch rotations. Have you tried zucchini noodles? Do you have a go to recipe?? Share with me in the comments! I love trying out new ways to enjoy this tasty veggie ‘pasta’!



What to Expect at a Food Themed Race

Over the weekend, I participated in a Pig Run 5k where you eat as many donuts as you signed up for halfway through the run. So run 1.5 miles…eat doughnuts…run 1.5 more miles….try not to puke. 😂 But no really, it’s not that bad! This was my second time running a race like this and had a blast as always! Fun themed ‘novelty’ races that aren’t timed are seriously increasing in popularity. There’s probably some sort of color run, mud run, eating run, or beer run near you this weekend!

A local town near me puts on their Pig Run in the spring every year, but you may have heard about the famous Krispy Kreme Challenge in North Carolina that started it all. And ever since, races like these have sprouted up eveywhere, usually for two good reasons: 1. Charity, and 2. THEY ARE SUPER FUN.

I always say these runs are the perfect way to ease into running if you’re a beginner. They’re not usually timed or super competitive, and they are really family friendly. Plus, you’re either being smothered in color or eating a dozen doughnuts. Who is thinking about running when you’re having that much fun?? If you’re thinking about signing up for a race like this one, checkout a little guide I put together so you know what to expect come race day!

What to Expect at a Food Themed Race | Fresh Fit Florida

Step 1: Know your limits.

This comes a wee bit before race day, but it’s a good thing to think about. This particular race gives you the option of how many doughnuts you wanna chow down on. It’s super tempting to select a dozen because #YOLO, but can barely finish one Krispy Kreme on a good day?? I signed up for 6 because I’m fun, but ended up with two. 🐷 So don’t feel the pressure to consume as many as you can at once. You still have a few miles to run post doughnut eating, so choose wisely!

Step 2: Buy themed apparel.

You definitely want a fun themed outfit. I know I do. Last year I wore the beauty below, but here’s a quickie list of some of the cutest stuff you’ll find for whatever foodie race you’ve got planned!

What to Expect at a Food Themed Race | Fresh Fit Florida

Donut Tank | Beer Tank | Bacon Tank | Kale Tank | Chipotle Tank | Wine Tank | Pizza Tank

Step 3: Pace Yourself

I mean this for during the actual running and during the eating. It’s easy to cross the start line and break out into a fast sprint! It’s good to practice pacing, especially if you’re working up to do more races. I always say finish strong, so I’ll start out with an easy pace knowing a little buffet break is awaiting halfway through!

Now, eating while running can be a delicate process and if it involves doughnuts, bacon, or other tasty treats it can be a tricky challenge. Once you arrive to the food area, grab some water and start snacking. Try not to wolf down all your food at once then sprint back on the course. That’s a vomit situation waiting to happen! Eat a little, drink a little, and then ease back into the rest of the course. Talk a walk break as need be. The doughnuts I consumed Saturday sat in my stomach like 5 pound weights and running did not sound like fun. I walked for a few minutes to digest then lightly jogged ’til I was feelin’ fine again. Gotta finish strong, so I picked up the pace when I was about a quarter mile out!

Step 4: Take Photos

You’ll want to remember how fun this race was and looking back at photos is the way to go! I’ll carry my phone either in my race belt or hand for easy photo access, but a GoPro on a selfie stick is perfect for messy events.

What to Expect at a Food Themed Race | Fresh Fit Florida

Step 5: Have Fun

Just remember to enjoy the race, be silly, and have fun! These races are such great events to enjoy all the festivities and sights! Take it all in and enjoy your treats and the whole experience!

What to Expect at a Food Themed Race | Fresh Fit Florida


Have you do a race like this before?? Any coming to a town near you that are on your radar? Share in the comments!



Clean Eating Apple Pie a la Mode

Whenever I think of this sweet dessert, I can’t help but sing Destiny’s Child’s apple pie a la mode…

Where have you been all of my life?
Your chocolate covered, strawberry, apple pie a la mode

Cleaning Eating Apple Pie A La Mode | Fresh Fit Florida

Pretty much sums up my feelings for this clean eating dessert, whipped up by the talented pastry chef and best friend Lindsay-who’s also the birthday girl today!!! We’re always on the hunt for recipes that are nutritious as well as delicious and this one fits the bill.

Cleaning Eating Apple Pie A La Mode | Fresh Fit Florida

Using sweet apples, oats, and protein powder, this recipe packs the nutrition and protein all desserts should have! Read on for the easy peasy instructions and you’ll have a new dessert recipe to add to your rotation!


The How To

5 small apples peeled, cored, and thinly sliced
1 tbsp cinnamon
2 packets of stevia
2 tbsp vanilla protein powder
1 cup oats
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tbsp cinnamon
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp honey

Preheat oven to 325.
In a 9 inch baking dish combine the first 4 ingredients.
In a small bowl, mix together oats, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut oil, and honey until crumbly. Sprinkle on top of apple mixture.
Bake for about 30 mins or until apples are soft.

Cleaning Eating Apple Pie A La Mode | Fresh Fit Florida

Lindsay likes to serve hers warm with some nonfat frozen yogurt and a little dollop of coconut whipped cream😋 YUM!! She also adds some on top of yogurt for breakfast DELISH! I think I’ll be adding this treat to meal prep Sunday so I can enjoy all week long! 🙂

Clean Eating Apple Pie a la Mode | Fresh Fit Florida

Thanks for sharing this recipe Lindsay!  For a serious sweet tooth, follow her Instagram, Lindsay Rose Desserts for more healthy treats and lots of sinful sweets!



Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter doesn’t have to be all about the chocolate…though a little splurge is totally worth it! When putting together my baskets for family and friends, I try to include goodies that aren’t candy so they can enjoy their treats without breaking their healthy routines. It’s so much fun to get creative and include fitness gear, healthy snacks, and other little goodies that make their baskets special. Read on to see what I’m packing in my peep’s baskets and for other fun ideas to make this a healthy and fit holiday!

Easter Basket Goodies | Fresh Fit Florida


  1. Show your bunnies some love with this mint colored foam roller! I’m sure you know someone who swears by theirs, so a replacement is always a nice touch. This one is found at TJMaxx and is an affordable version, plus perfectly colored for spring!
  2. A floral coffee mug is always a good idea! Throw in your fave brew to complete the gift and you’ve got the Easter basket essentials.
  3. I’m so ready for boat/beach/pool/outdoor days and the trend of fun outdoor gear, like this watermelon floatie, make me want to get out there asap. I absolutely am in love with and all their fun, quirky gear, and their outdoor fun shop doesn’t disappoint. The gift of a cute float will encourage some swimming and maybe a few extra laps.
  4. Loving these Easter egg colored sneaks to add a lil spring in someone’s step! Another TJMaxx find, these Under Armour kicks are perfect for all that time spent outdoors this season.
  5. Time for some yummy snacks! I’ve snacked on BoomChickaPop for as long as I can remember, and it’s still a favorite of mine! Their products are clean, free of cholesterol, trans fats, and GMOs, this is a snack I can feel good about sharing with others. The white cheddar is my fave!
  6. If you’re trying to go the healthier route, but can’t pass up sweets, try these Lemon Drop cookies from Annie’s Homegrown Snacks. I haven’t met a snack from Annie’s that I didn’t like and their sweet cookies and grahams hit the spot. I love that you can find single serve packs of their treats, which make a delicious addition to any basket out there. Also, their mascot is a bunny so it’s perfect for this weekend!!
  7. Sweaty Bands are the best little addition to an Easter basket. Or maybe to stash inside for an egg hunt. I’d be super excited if I found the egg with one of these bands! They have come out with such pretty prints for spring that makes me want them all! Click here for 15% off all their stuff.
  8. Okay, a basket just isn’t complete without a little chocolate. Add a touch of dark chocolate, or this fun springtime bark from Trader Joes! How cute is this chocolate bar? I wish I lived closer to TJs, but if I saw these last time I went, I would’ve stocked up! This dark chocolate bark is topped with multi colored milk chocolate candies that looks just so good.
  9. If you haven’t tried nuun before, it’s a great swap for sugary sports, with clean ingredients, optimal hydration, and low calories! There’s different types for any athlete, but I love the All Day nuun to add to my water when I need a break from the plain stuff. These little cuties will make a great addition to anyone’s Easter goodies!

I love making gift baskets since they can be customized to anyone’s preferences. It’s so fun finding special goodies to add to the basket and making it special for everyone on your list. Here are a few more ideas for the bunny!

  • A fun water bottle is always appreciated. I go through them quickly enough, so it’s nice to have an extra clean one on hand! The S’ip by S’well bottles are starting to pop up in Target, but I’m holding out on the pineapple or watermelon one for myself! 😂
  • Athletic socks
  • Fresh fruit
  • Spa essentials like bath bombs, lotions, or a sugar scrub. Lush Cosmetics has the MOST adorable Easter goodies!
  • A race registration for you and your loved ones! What’s better than spending time together?
  • Smoothie or coffee gift cards- always appreciated!
  • Essential oils or candles
  • I also can’t leave out Cadbury Creme Eggs! They are definitely a splurge and something I only get to enjoy this time of year. I’ll be treating myself to one this weekend for sure! 🐰


Do you have fun Easter plans this weekend? Egg hunts, Bunny Hop run, brunch?? Will you be passing out healthy treats or including any of these ideas in your baskets? Share in the comments!