Semi-Annual Sale Wish List

Victoria Secret’s Semi Annual Sale began yesterday! Guys, sports bras for $9.99!? I’ve already placed an online order but plan to hit up the stores sometime this week to see what’s good in person. In my experience, there’s a larger selection  online, but limited sizes. I’m going to hit the stores this week to see if any of my top 10 is available in the stores. I’ll share my haul on IG stories…follow along here!

Here are the 10 things in my shopping cart for the semi annual sale!

The Incredible bra is my usual sports bra go to, but lately have been loving the front zips. I just ordered this print from the sale for only $19.99!

Never met a jogger I didn’t like. 

The VS Sport Knockout tights are a favorite of mine. High waisted, holds ya in, lifts the booty. What more do you need?? 

I hate planks, but do ’em anyways. 

Ordered this tank because I am the daughter of some serious parrot heads. Plus I just want to see Buffett over the weekend. 

Only stock up on undies when 7/$27 or when three bucks I can’t be the only one??

Cardi-oh no tank..other styles available too. Big time fan of muscle tanks.

In need of some running shorts that my friends don’t lovingly refer to as banana hammock shorts. These would prob do it…

Love the style of these black moto leggings.

Sucker for anything tropical print, coffee, or running related. NEED.

Have you been to the stores yet to scope out the sale? Please share with me what you have found!

OH. It’s also the Bath and Body Works semi annual sale. Here’s a quick 10 of what I ordered too! 🙈

Candles for half off. Yep.

Some of my summer faves!

Don’t forget shower wash…another thing I only ever stock up on when on super sale…

Life goal is to permanently to smell like coconuts…so this sale helps…

Also, just got that scrub and I plan to do a review of it + their newer body care, so stay tuned!


Race Morning Routine

Princess Race weekend is here!! This is my first race postpartum and I cannot wait to run through Epcot and cross the finish line with a glass of champs waiting for me. I’m hitting the expo tonight!

Princess Race Weekend is one of my favorite Disney running events. It was the first race I ever did and the perfect half marathon for your first time. I’ve run a race during Princess weekend every year since, with the exception of last year because of my marathon just a few weeks prior. 

After doing lots of races, especially Disney ones, I’ve nailed down my routine for race weekends. From the (super) early wakeup calls to pre-run fueling, I wanted to walk you through my process!

The Night Before

It’s race weekend tradition that me and my best friend have a sleepover to carb up the night before and then get ready and leave together for the race in the morning.  This is the little routine we’ve nailed down over years of doing races together!

Before the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC 2014!

I always set out my clothes, fuel, and every thing I need for the morning. Who wants to run around and pack up stuff at 2:30 in the morning?! See the wakeup call.

Then it’s time to carb up! For a half marathon, we usually do a whole wheat pasta with meat sauce or grilled chicken. I personally like to avoid alfredo or cheese sauces, because to me running and cheese don’t mix. For a 10k, we’ll usually grill some turkey burgers with chips and salsa or oven baked sweet potato fried..and we don’t skip out on a wheat bun! And dessert!! 😉

I make sure to chug a lot of water and make sure my running buddy is as well. Gotta stay hydrated!! Hydration is KEY. You definitely need to begin hydrating for a race the days leading up to it.

Then it’s bedtime! We try to go somewhere around 9 to get in a decent amount of sleep before the morning. See you in the morning!


2:30-3am. Wakeup call. UGH. SOEARLYWHY. This wakeup call is much earlier for Disney races then most others. 

Immediately begin drinking water. Then I start getting ready, taking about 20 minutes or throw on some mascara because #RACEPHOTOS, brush my teeth, and put any of the last few things in my bag to check.

I usually snack on a banana while I’m getting ready before I leave the house. It’s easy on my stomach, loaded with electrolytes, and holds me over for my big morning ahead!

Time to hit the road! We aim to get to the Epcot parking lot no later than 4am. We give ourselves PLENTY of time because of traffic, road closures, and anything else that comes up. See tips below!

Typically for Disney you need to be in your corral place for 5:30am. Again, we plan to give ourselves a lot of time because there’s usually a .5 mile+ walk to the start line, major lines to bathrooms, and any other issues that could hold you up. 

Before checking our bag at Gear Check, we hit the porta potty lines. The lines before gear check are ALWAYS the longest. There are porta potties as you walk to the corrals, but we hit those too. After a pee break, we stash our bag with gear check.

As we walk to the corrals, we share a PBJ that we packed the night before. After one last potty break, we’re in our corral for 5am. 

And that’s it! We eagerly wait for the race to begin, marked by fireworks at every corral start and then we’re off!


Last Few Tips

  1. Plan for road closures and know you’re going. Disney has bunches of roads closed for their races, plus they shut down the roads getting you to the start line after a certain time. It would be so unfortunate to miss out on a race you trained hard for because of transportation!
  2. Get there earlier than you think. Long bathroom lines will most definitely hold you up..especially since you’ve been hydrating!
  3. If you’re running with a buddy, share a bag for gear check. After the race there can be long lines as everyone wants to pickup their stuff. Saves time to just check one bag!
  4. Make sure to get waters from the store in a bottle that you don’t mind tossing. I always buy the big smart waters to have the morning of so that I can dispose of it before the race begins. I don’t want to lose one of my good reusable water bottles!
  5. Have your cheer squad figure out runner tracking BEFORE the race day. Sometimes you need to download an app and it’s better to figure it out before the race so you’re not worried about figuring it out and missing your runners go by!

So there’s some tips and my no fail race routine! Checkout some of my other runDisney posts below! Are you running Princess this weekend?? See you at the 10k on Saturday!

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Ariel Princess Race Outfit Inspo

Beauty and the Beast Race Outfit Inspo

Marathon Weekend Outfit Inspo

1. | 2. | 3.| 4.| 5.| 6.| 7.| 8.|

A year ago I was anxiously awaiting running my very first marathon! What a fun time that was! Marathon weekend at Disney is one of my favorite races. It’s such a great way to kickoff the New Year and a really fun race weekend. I will certainly miss participating this year, but I cannot wait to cheer on my running buddies this weekend!

One of the best parts of marathon weekend is that it’s theme is the fab 5 Disney characters. Such a classic theme and a great way to kickoff a new year of runDisney. It’s also super easy to come up with a cute outfit for the races. There’s so many options out there for whichever character is your favorite!


Are you running a race this weekend?? I’ll be cheering between mile 12-13 for the half on Saturday! Good luck runners!


Holiday Workout Gear


1. | 2. | 3.| 4.| 5.| 6.|7.| 8.


Fa la la la laaaaa It’s time for holiday workout gear!! All this festive gear is perfect for a holiday group workout, race, or to lounge around and eat Christmas cookies all day! Is that just me??

Either way, these fun items are great for gifts for the fitness enthusiast in your life or yourself. I’d definitely be happy with any of these cute things!

Do you incorporate fitness into your holiday plans?? As always, share with me in the comments!



8 Tanks for Your Turkey Trot


1. | 2. | 3.4. | 5. | 6.7. | 8.

Happy Thanksgiving Week! Who else can’t believe the holidays are in full swing?! I seriously can’t, but couldn’t be more excited. Bring on the turkey, stuffing, mac n cheese, and DESSERTS! The only thing missing is wine. I would love a glass more than anything right now…only a couple more weeks to go!

Anyways, a big part of Thanksgiving are the Turkey Trots! I participated in races for the last two Thanksgivings and really enjoyed incorporating it into the holiday tradition. I’ll miss it this year, but I still plan to get out there and log some steps before getting ready for all the festivities. It’s always great to get active on holidays, especially with your loved ones. Make it part of the holiday tradition! And make lots of room for pie. Hope you all have a great Turkey Day and a fun Black Friday if you’ll be shopping. I know I will be! 🍗💫✨🎉🌲🌟



Halloween Workout Gear

Halloween is one week away!!!! 🎃👻🍁 It’s always so fun to dress up, treat or treat, throw a party, and participate in themed races/events. I seriously love this time of year! I also love roundups of fun themed gear to celebrate the season, so here’s my annual Halloween workout gear roundup.

Halloween Workout Gear | Fresh Fit Florida

Spiderweb Leggings |Sports Bra | Kettlebell | Ghost Tank | Socks | Jack-o-Lantern Tank | Headband | Shoes

Are you all prepped for your parties, trick or treaters, and costumed events?? What are you going to be this year? I’m probably not dressing up in costume (though this was my year for a good pregnancy costume) but will probably find a cute maternity shirt to get into the spirit of things.

As always, share with me in the comments how you’ll be spending All Hallows Eve and the weekend before!


Also- checkout last year’s Halloween gear outfit post!

Fresh Fit Florida

Breast Cancer Awareness Workout Gear

October is my favorite month for so many reasons: my birthday is coming up, we’re in the middle of fall, Halloween is right around the corner, football is in full swing, and it’s breast cancer awareness month. I think monthly dedications to important causes like this one, are super important to not only spread awareness but celebrate the fighters, survivors, and loved ones who’ve passed from this horrible disease. My mother is a breast cancer survivor and we make an effort every October to participate in a local event for breast cancer awareness. We even did 5k walks when she was sick years ago! We are super thankful she is in good health now, but know what a challenge it is for those struggling with the disease or supporting someone who has it.

An easy way to support breast cancer awareness is to participate in a local walk or event and sport your pink gear! Over the years I’ve amassed lots of cute gear that’s pink and supports breast cancer awareness, but I love adding to my collection. I really try to only support brands that donate to reputable charities, but sometimes some products do not. At least there’s awareness getting out there.

I love to wear my gear not only all month long, but all year long as well. Plus, pink looks great on everyone and there’s really not a bad time to rock the color, so here’s some new breast cancer gear to celebrate awareness month!

Breast Cancer Awareness Workout Gear | Fresh Fit Florida

  1. Ya’ll know how much I love to hydrate and it’s that much easier to get your daily water intake in with cute water bottles and cups. Tervis makes an incredible product that lasts and comes in virtually every pattern you can imagine. They have a bunch of BCA cups this year, but this Simply Southern one was my favorite.
  2. I love massager balls to sooth sore muscles after some serious power lifting or a long run. While my muscles are longing for a workout like that, this is also great to relieve some cramps in my calves from the #preggolife.
  3. Under Armour is one of my favorite BCA collabs because their gear is affordable and long lasting! UA makes super flattering products and I love how they partner with such an important cause. Their breast cancer awareness tanks are a favorite of mine. I also have my eye on these pink cropped leggings!
  4. Not just for Wednesday..we wear pink all October long! Loving this tank found on Etsy…You can find millions of cute apparel for any occasion on Etsy. It’s a go to!
  5. Can’t complete an outfit for a pink race without some festive socks. Loving these Nike ones.
  6. Have you tried nuun yet? It’s such a great sports drink and a wonderful alternative to sugary bottled beverages found in grocery stores. Years ago the pink lemonade flavor supported BCA…I’m not 100% sure if it still does, but I plan to double check and find out!
  7. I can’t do a roundup and not include Sweaty Bands! The breast cancer ribbon headband is only $12 for the month of October, plus use this (affiliate) link for 15% off!
  8. Last but not least, the New Balance partnership with Komen for the Cure is another favorite collaboration for the cure. Way back when I used to intern with Komen and putting on the Race for the Cure and was able to work with NB in many events and their support was really tremendous. I have the Ariel Vazee shoe from WDW Marathon Weekend, which are SUPER comfy and a great cross training shoe, so I would adore these for breast cancer awareness!


Over the weekend my parents and I participated in the Pink on Parade 5k in Celebration, FL, which we also did last year! Such a great race and it’s grown since it’s first year in 2012. It’s a fun time and tons of pink support!

Breast Cancer Awareness Workout Gear | Fresh Fit Florida

Breast Cancer Awareness Workout Gear | Fresh Fit Florida

Breast Cancer Awareness Workout Gear | Fresh Fit Florida





Game Day Race Gear

Football is back baby! This makes me ridiculously happy..and even though Brady still is out for two more games, I’m still 100% the spirit of things. I’m too excited for some football parties and eventually getting around to hosting my fancy tailgate

You can’t cheer on your team without some football gear. There’s way too many cute things out there to show your spirit or love for the game! I want to buy half the shirts on Etsy.

Or what about a football themed races or runs during the season? Maybe you live near a college or NFL stadium where a group meets for a 5k or fun run. If that’s true, then I’m totally jealous! But I’ve started seeing football runs get more popular now until the Superbowl, so I figured I’d round up some cute football themed workout gear. These picks are so perfect for a fancy tailgate, sitting on the couch cheering from home, and running in a race for your team!

I won’t be running a race till after baby, so while I’m having major FOMO about races, I can still shop right? In the meantime, I’ll be buying these cute picks and looking good while I cheer on my Pats, stuffing my face with football snacks…

Game Day Race Gear | Fresh Fit Florida


  1. I couldn’t make a roundup without including something from the Patriots. These tights are super comfortable and really great for working out. Other teams have similar tights, so search NFL for your team!
  2. Also, had to rep my UCF Knights! All schools have cute drink wear, you can find it again in your team’s colors.
  3. Love this cute tank that can be warn for any game! Brian’s almost always watching a college game on Saturdays, so a team neutral tank is perfect to wear.
  4. Another super cute tank for any occasion!
  5. Love Sweaty Bands. They have all kinds of great headbands for literally every occasion. They have some team ones and other football ones too!
  6. One more tank!
  7. So these shoes aren’t for running, but are comfy enough for walking around a stadium or getting through a weight circuit. Plus they’re metallic gold, so how can you not get them???


What team, NFL or college, are you repping this season? Are you participating in any football themed fitness events




Cute Gear for National Yoga Month

If you are a yogi, then you must be excited September is finally here– it’s National Yoga Month! National holidays and fun days always motivate me to get festive and participate! I definitely have neglected my yoga practice while pregnant (I seriously miss my Bikram yoga sessions!), but it’s something I would love to get back into in the final month of pregnancy. What better time to realign my goals and get back into practice than this September?

This month, my goal is to hit yoga once a week at my gym and then keep it going after the end of the month. I am looking to get back into practice and getting lots of zen! New gear is always motivating, as well as the month long celebration of yoga, so let’s look at some new gear to keep you going all month long! ✌️

Untitled design-4


  1. I received this cute yoga mat towel in my Fab Fit Fun summer box and love the positive quote at the end every time I look down at it. It helps me not to slip on my mat and keeps me dry. It appears you can purchase the towel without a FFF subscription!
  2. Calia by Carrie Underwood is quickly becoming one of my favorite active ware brands and this infuser water bottle is on my list! Nothing is better than infusing water with fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs, and is a perfect refresher for after a yoga class.
  3. Lululemon tights are a go to for many of my favorite physical activities and these Flow and Go tights are so great for practice.
  4. Onzie has been a fave since I worked in specialty running retail. Their gear is perfect for any sport, including water, and they have such pretty low impact bras for yoga.
  5. Sometimes I like to use a yoga strap if I’m traveling light to class and this prAna one is super cute!
  6. If I’m needing more gear, like a change of clothes, then this Calia bag is a go to. Love the dark color for fall!
  7. How pretty is this reversible Gaiam yoga mat?!

These goodies will keep you looking great during your practice all month long! Will you be celebrating National Yoga Month this month? Participating in any daily yoga challenges or any goals for the month? Share with me!


10 Reasons to Workout Right Now

What’s more motivating than new workout gear?! Whenever I’m in a rut or have reached a fitness goal, workout clothes are what get me going. It’s fun wearing your new gear to your fave spin class or a run with friends…when you look good, you feel good! It’s important to treat yourself and a new outfit is the perfect option. I’m loving the deep colors as we wind down the end of summer and embrace the fall!

Here are ten reasons to workout right NOW!

Reasons to Workout Now | Fresh Fit Florida

1. | 2.| 3.| 4.| 5.| 6.| 7.| 8.| 9.| 10.


Do new workout clothes motivate you? Where’s your favorite place to get new gear?