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Hi ya’ll I’m back! Back into running, back to regular posting, back from struggling through the hardest four week chemistry course ever…and it feels good!!

It’s been well over two months since I ran my first marathon and the journey to get back into running has been a fun one! I wanted to throw together a little update post to recap my running routine, school, and life and how it all balances!


Running for marathon training was a beast. Waking up at 4am to run for 3+ hours on a Saturday quickly lost it’s appeal. Don’t get me wrong; I loved it, but this time around I’ve been able to ease back into the game running.

I started out easy with a few 1-2 mile runs here and there since I really wanted my foot to completely heal. And you know what? I was able to run the mileage easily. The first couple times out I didn’t need to stop to walk or catch my breath. This was a surprise to me because during marathon training I struggled to run 1 mile straight through. It was such a mental block so not having this goal looming over me allows me to just listen to my music and hit the pavement. I’m absolutely loving it!!

I eventually worked back up to three miles with my first race back at Best Damn Race Orlando. I ran with some friends from out of town -they’re first 5k!- and had a blast. We didn’t go for time…just to enjoy the event and really had a good time. It felt really good to be at a race again. I just love the excitement of everything and the camaraderie. I always say that about races.

Running Update | Fresh Fit Florida

this is husband’s side of bathroom btw ?

Running Update | Fresh Fit Florida

Since BDR in February, I ran in a March for Meals 5k and pushed it! Since we did walk a little at BDR I wanted to see what I could do. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this strong before. I like to thank getting back on tracking with eating and cross training with tabata and more weights than ever. The cross training has helped tremendously and I have been feeling so good. At the end of the 5k my average pace was somewhere around 11:30 which is a solid minute than my marathon training pace! My focus for 2016 after the marathon was going to be on speed and I think I’m working my way there!

I love being able to run for fun and for fitness vs. training for a huge race. It really took a toll and made me want to stop running. It’s so refreshing to be back in love with it! 🙂 Yesterday I ran 3 miles at an 11:19 pace…something I haven’t done in a long time!


Is so difficult right now. As of Friday I’ve officially been at school for one semester. I’m in the two month long block of chemistry right now. It’s tough. Our poor professor is the cutest old man but struggles conveying the material to us. The exams take about 4 hours to complete. It’s been rough. But I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe.

Running Update! | Fresh Fit Florida

Chipotle makes studying better right??


Has been great! No complaints 😉 We recently went to Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa to celebrate my MIL’s birthday. If you haven’t been to Bern’s, it’s really such an experience. Their servers train in the kitchen, on their farms, and in virtually every aspect of the restaurant for a year before they can become servers, they have the largest wine collection/warehouse in the country, and it’s really just such an experience that can only be described by going there!

Berns Steakhouse Tampa, FL | Fresh Fit Florida

Green river in Tampa for St. Paddy’s Day!

Berns Steakhouse Tampa, FL | Fresh Fit Florida

Berns Steakhouse Tampa, FL | Fresh Fit Florida

Cappuccino cream from The Dessert Room @ Berns!

Berns Steakhouse Tampa, FL | Fresh Fit Florida

Brown Sugar @ The Dessert Room

Berns Steakhouse Tampa, FL | Fresh Fit Florida

Berns Steakhouse Tampa, FL | Fresh Fit Florida

Inside the wine cellar- it was 50 degrees in there with over 100,000 bottles of vino!

Berns Steakhouse | Fresh Fit Florida

nbd, just a $30k bottle of wine (left) ?

Some goals on my radar:

  • Star Wars 10k at WDW in April. So excited for this event! I’m feeling strong and ready and am really looking forward to being able to actually walk and enjoy Epcot after the race!

Running Update | Fresh Fit Florida

post run treat?!?

  • Training Macy to run a 5k. I’ve been running with her more and she’s been doing great! She makes it about a mile and a half before we have to walk a little bit. My goal is to signup for a 5k and have her run it with me. I think she gets hot with all her fluff..she’s due for a grooming in a few weeks.

Running Update | Fresh Fit Florida

post pup run!

  • Take a photography course with Brian. We both love taking photos and have a nice barely used DSLR. It’s time we figure out how to properly use it! It’s on the list in the next couple weeks!!
  • Continue with home projects. I’ve been on a major spring cleaning kick lately and have been reorganizing, re-cleaning, and redecorating the house for a spring refresh and it feels so good. I have supplies for more projects…I try to do 1-2 a week.
  • Do well in my next chemistry class. Ugh. I have another month of chemistry left then I have a beautiful two month break while I take anatomy and physiology. Then more chemistry.

I think that’s about it for this little recap post. Stay tuned for a more regular posting schedule. ?

Happy Tuesday everyone!


I Gained Weight During Marathon Training

There was just too much #treatyoself and not enough proper fuel for my body. Oops.. It happens! And it’s way easier than I thought!

I trained for a marathon and gained weight | Fresh Fit Florida

You have a 15 mile training run. That’s a lot of time to think about what you’ll eat afterwards to reward all your hard work. I’m a firm believer in everything in moderation and that regular treats will help to avoid binges. But I took my own advice a little too true to heart.

Pre run fuel should involve good carbs like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and wheat pasta.

What I would usually have: A big ass cheeseburger and fries from this place that has the BEST tacos (and burgers!)  ?

My mistake: Yes, I need to be carbing for long runs, but I used that excuse a little too liberally. I should have replaced the burger for nutritious, sustaining energy, but instead used a long run to justify junk food.

Takeaway: These treats are okay once in awhile! It just became a regular food for me during training.

at my heaviest during training

Post run fuel should include more carbs, protein to restore muscles, and some healthy fats. During long runs I craved salt SO much…because our bodies sweat out salt, it’s easy to crave.

I’d usually have some form of chicken tenders with buttery bread-hello Chikfila breakfast biscuits! Weird combo, but it would be all I could think about after mile 10. This actually probably wasn’t the worst thing to have after a long run, since I replenished electrolytes, carbs, and fats, but I should have picked some cleaner foods to satisfy my cravings. Like eggs and toast and fruit!

Takeaway: While it wasn’t the worst food to refuel with, I probably could have chosen more nutritious foods. ?


i could really see it in my face!

During the week, regular eating habits should be maintained. I try to eat clean with a lot of fruits and veggies with lean proteins, but during training, I again could justify mac n cheese or fries with my entrees almost every night.

Though I was running and working out during the week, I was consuming more foods than burning, so I was gaining weight. Overall, I gained about 25 pounds and in the new year and post marathon, I started to shred it just by going back to my clean eating habits. But I definitely haven’t given up the occasional cupcake or fries! ? I’m back on a better track of fueling my body properly and eating lots of fruits and veggies again..I’ve recently tried zucchini noodles and have been having them 24/7!

Fresh Fit Florida

back at it!

It’s really easy to get into the mindset of ‘I’m training for a marathon, I can eat whatever’ and while you can certainly indulge in treats, it can easily catch up with you. Somewhere along the way, I abandoned my clean eating habits and just treated myself way too much. And had no trouble justifying it! Sometimes it just takes a moment to realize it and recognize the unhealthy habits, and thankfully I’ll know what to do for future race training!

Valentines Day! | Fresh Fit Florida

I’ll be enjoying our traditional heart cookies for Valentine’s Day this weekend and hopefully some champagne! ? Enjoy your weekend and #treatyoself!




Marathon Aftermath

Five days post marathon and I’m still standing!

How have 5 days gone by already?! Running a marathon is definitely tough, but marathon recovery is difficult too.

After crossing the finish line on Sunday, Linds and I immediately hit the self treatment tent. After getting our medals of course.


Both of our knees were hurting, not mention our feet, backs, shoulders, and pretty much everything else. Fun fact: Did you know that you can apply biofreeze right over your clothing and it’ll still work? The things you learn during a marathon. ?

After getting wrapped up, we made the walk to get hydration, our runDisney snack boxes, and then gear check. It’s important to walk around after a distance race to prevent cramping and extra build up of lactic acid, but we really only wanted to sit. We held off and trekked on through gear check and ran into one group of friends en route to our families.

After finding our families and what felt like a 5 mile walk to our cars, we cleaned ourselves up, changed into our marathon tech shirts, and started the next trek to the entrance of Epcot. My family parked at Boardwalk to spectate, so I had to walk with them through the park to get to where they parked. Again, it’s important to walk it out after the race…..But I had had enough at this point!


We made it into the park and went our separate ways with Linds and her family. My group started for the World Showcase. One of the most fun parts of doing a runDisney race is seeing other runners and congratulating each other along the way. When you run you are really apart of a big community who all support and cheer for each other. It’s such a great experience and walking through Epcot congratulating fellow runners on their accomplishments was one of my favorite parts.

Something both Lindsay and I were excited for was to eat ALL THE THINGS after the marathon, but food did just not sound appealing. Actually it didn’t sound appealing for a couple days, but more on that later. I was fully prepared to feast and eat everything without a worry, but nothing sounded good. Not even water or powerade.

By the time we made it to the World Showcase, everyone was ready for a beer. I don’t know if I really was but had a few sips of one anyways and parked myself on a bench to sit for the first time since running 26.2. My MIL purchased homemade seasoned kettle chips, so I grabbed those and ate a few with my beer. We finally made it to Boardwalk and made a pit stop at the bakery. I got an oreo cupcake for later (surely I’d be ravenous after I showered and napped) and then we left.

I sat down in the car and crashed. I was ready for bed! And french fries. I demanded fries….

After a shower and a 3 hour nap Brian brought me pizza. I forced myself to eat it since I hadn’t eaten anything and knew I needed to refuel. I fell back asleep and didn’t wake up till the Monday morning to get ready for class.

During all this, my left foot was hurting incredibly bad. Not like sore from running for 6 hours, but like something was wrong. Sunday night I had it elevated and donned my compression sleeves, which are my favorite thing ever! Monday morning, my foot was so swollen, I could barely fit it in my new NB Ariel sneaks, so I went off to class and hoped for the best. We have quizzes every day so I sucked it up and went. Everything was still hurting, including my foot, so I made the executive decision to head home.

I got home…still not wanting food or anything to drink..and passed out until about 6pm. And then I finally started feeling better. Thank goodness. I was able to eat some more and I had started chugging gatorade to replenish my electrolytes. I think my main problem was dehydration, which made me feel queasy, which turned me off from food. My foot was still hurting, so I called my physical therapist cousin who determined it’s probably tendonitis and I need rest, elevation, ice, and compression. A few of my favorite things?

After resting all day Monday and replenishing fluids, I finally started to feel like myself Tuesday morning! Fast forward to Wednesday and I finally felt fully recovered (with the exception of my foot).

I guess it takes a good 4 days to feel 100% after a marathon? Today my foot is feeling the best it has, so I’ll keep elevating it and taking care of it. It’s bothering me that I haven’t worked out yet, but I think some bike riding will be my plan for the weekend. My appetite has returned, though I’m still bummed I didn’t take advantage of my free pass for all the food….next time!

FullSizeRender 276

Running this race was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. Pushing yourself physically was tough, but it was mentally tougher. I never felt like I wanted to quit, but I did feel like the marathon distance was 20 miles and not 26.2. But I persevered, finished it, and enjoyed a week of recuperation, and am ready to take on my next goal! And what will that be?? Not sure yet, but it will be hard to top the marathon! ?


I Am a Marathoner!

The first person to run a marathon died. Granted, it was in ancient Greece and most people didn’t live past the age of 30..or run often, but still. Pheidippides  delivered his message after running 26 miles and died right there on the spot.

Knowing that fact, marathoners are really badass. And now I am one!


Sunday I ran my first full marathon! That’s 26.2 miles! What?!

After 24 weeks of recaps and training, the big day arrived and the marathon was here…So how did it go??

Saturday started off with spectating to cheer on some friends while they completed the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. Lindsay and I arrived, Starbucks in hand, to meet my parents around Mile 12.1 to cheer for our peeps.



After reuniting with some friends at the finish line, we made our way to the Health and Fitness Expo to get in line for the New Balance runDisney edition shoes. After getting stuck in traffic for a short while leaving the race, we arrived to the expo and found no line for the shoes. We walked right up to a NB associate, requested our sizes and were on our way with the Ariel NB runDisney shoes! Painless process, thankfully! After that, we explored the rest of the expo, retrieved our bibs and packets, and did a little shopping.


FullSizeRender 275

We stocked up on nutrition for the race, got our 26.2 magnets, and made our way back to Lindsay’s to rest and carb up for Marathon Sunday! We snacked on PB&J sammies for lunch and made pasta and garlic bread for dinner, which was so good! We watched Disney movies all day long and were in bed for 7:30pm for our 2:45am wakeup call!

You’d think 2:45am would come pretty early, but we were both wide awake and ready to go at 11:30pm! After waking up and chatting for a few, we were both off to sleep! Our alarms rang at 2:45 and we were up and at em for marathon day!!


We were dressed and ready for 3:30am and arrived to Epcot by 4am. A quick walk to the pre race area, we dropped our bags off at gear check and were soon in the runner only area in line for the bathrooms. Before we knew it, it was 5am and time to make the mileish walk to the corrals..After another bathroom stop and meeting up with friends, we finally arrived to our corral J by the time the first fireworks went off for the first wave of runners!


The first few corrals go off every 2 minutes and then every 5. We watched all the fireworks signal each corral and soon enough it was our turn!


Corral J ready to partay!

We crossed the start line and were off to run our first marathons!!



FullSizeRender 269

FullSizeRender 264

Mile 1 came up very quickly. It’s great when that happens! Only 25 to go!

The first three miles we had pretty high humidity. I was dripping sweat already, but we were keeping a great pace.

FullSizeRender 267

Soon we were in the Magic Kingdom parking lot, which meant we would soon be in the Magic Kingdom! One of my friends was stationed around Mile 4 at the Ticket and Transportation Center, so after a quick bathroom break, we ran past her screaming and cheering! She stocked up on nutrition for us, so we grabbed Gus, gummy bears, and ditched our outer layers.

Onto Mile 5! We crossed that mile marker somewhere in the Magic Kingdom and enjoyed taking in the sights. Luckily we were able to actually run through Cinderella’s Castle..which if you’ve run a runDisney race you know there is severe bottlenecking there and it comes to a packed standstill. Next thing we knew we crossed the 10k mark and were out of Magic Kingdom and onto one of the more boring portions of the course.

FullSizeRender 262

FullSizeRender 268

We hit miles 7-10ish on the backroads from Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom. We ran through the backstage area of DAK, so we were able to see all the animal areas and backstage portions you don’t always get to see as a that was pretty cool! Right before entering the actual park, animals were available for photo ops! I snapped a couple shots of the goats, but there were adorable pigs, snakes, and some birds. Then we turned a corner and had entered DAK right in Africa and ran behind the Tree of Life. We ran through Asia and right by Expedition Everest and out through Dino Land USA. We really wanted to stop to ride Everest, but figured we could use the extra time!


FullSizeRender 263

FullSizeRender 270

FullSizeRender 271

We left Animal Kingdom and hit the half marathon point!! Halfway done!

Right outside the park, my friend Diana again was there ready to hand off nutrition and whatever we needed. Strangly enough, I passed off one of the sports bras I was wearing…I doubled up on medium support bras because my usual Moving Comfort bra chafes so bad and I didn’t want to risk it. Well, the double bras felt too constricting, so I ditched one and passed it off to her. She said it was definitely the strangest thing she’s picked up off the course! ?



Right after we passed her, we trekked on and I happened to look to my left and noticed our friend Lauren and her fiancee walking past. Lindsay and I started screaming her name and had the funniest reunion ever as we jumped and screamed hugging. It gave us a little energy boost and we continued on to Mile 14!

The next couple miles to ESPN Wide World of Sports seemed to drag on. Finally we were at ESPN for miles 17-20. We definitely hit a pretty huge wall at this point and the pain of running a marathon set in. We kept pushing and trying to motivate each other, but this was the most difficult part of the race.

Thank goodness we were back on the road for Mile 21 and then soon after, in Hollywood Studios for miles 22-23. As we entered Hollywood Studios, we heard a girl say we hit the checkpoint that we wouldn’t be picked up by the infamous ballloon ladies-the runDisney volunteers who pick up runners on the course who won’t finish in the time allowed. This was of course a big concern for us, so we felt a little relief as we entered the park. We were only in Hollywood Studios for a couple short miles and then were on the pathway connecting Boardwalk and HWS.


In the blink of an eye, we were in Epcot, which is where my parents, Brian, and mother in law were cheering us on! We made the turn into the park and they were there screaming for us which made us sprint past! They also had the BEST spectactor signs EVER! Brian somehow made giant signs of our faces…we cracked up about them for at least a mile!




We went once around the World Showcase, taking a quick walk break, before bringing it home coming out of the World Showcase. My group was at the exit of the Showcase so we saw our giant faces cheering us on again! Then as we passed Spaceship Earth, Lindsay’s dad and girl friend were there cheering which gave us the final push to sprint to the finish line!


As we turned the corner for the last .2, Lauren and her fiancee were cheering and got an awesome video of us heading towards the finish! Hand in hand we sprinted to the finish line and we couldn’t help but get a little emotional!

FullSizeRender 274

We just ran a MARATHON!

We celebrated with a hug from Mickey and a big hug to each other and then bee lined it to the self treatment medical tent!


I am a marathoner! One of the most difficult, challenging, and rewarding experiences of my life is complete! Running a marathon was one of my biggest goals and I just completed it!

FullSizeRender 273

pretty sure we’re saying ‘everything hurts and I’m dying’


How does it feel??

I feel extremely rewarded and accomplished. Proud. Also in a lot of pain. But four days post-marathon, I’m still feeling proud and most of the soreness is gone. I’m pretty sure I sleep for 48 hours straight.


I’ll share more about what comes after you cross the finish line in Part 2 of my recap tomorrow! 🙂




Marathon Weekend Checklist

It’s marathon week and I could NOT be more excited!

Not only am I excited for the race itself, but I’m excited for all the magic that surrounds a runDisney race weekend. Going to the expo and feeling the electric buzz of the crowd, chatting with new and seasoned runners, sharing tips, it all adds to the excitement of the weekend.

Marathon Weekend Packing List

A lot of people travel in from out of town and even locals make reservations at nearby hotels to take advantage of Disney’s race day transportation…I’m lucky enough to live super close and will be staying with my running buddy (hello girl’s night pasta sleepover!) who’s just 10 minutes from the start line. Wow, even as I type I get jolts of nerves!!

With a busy race weekend, a packing list comes in handy! I always set out my stuff the day or evening before a big race to ensure I have everything I need for success. This is the first time I’m staying somewhere the night before the race besides my house, so a packing list is necessary! I’m so worried I’ll forget something, so by making a list and setting everything out before it gets packed ensures I won’t leave anything behind. Worst case scenario is if I leave my house Saturday morning without something, I can probably pick it up at the WDW Health and Fitness Expo OR I can call Brian and beg him to bring it to me! ? But to avoid an emergency trip to me and spending money on gear I already have, I give you the packing list!


The Essentials:

Running Shoes + Socks + Running outfit

Forget any of these, then you’ll be dishing out a lot of money at the expo and won’t have your tried and true faves for race day. Forgetting something important makes me so nervous! Forgetting of these would definitely dampen the start to your race weekend. Perfectly broken in shoes are something you will not be able to pickup at the expo and the running pants you’ve tested out won’t be easy to find either.

I lay out my pants, socks, shoes, sports bra, and tank before packing it all. Since the weather is really weird in Central Florida right now, I may throw in a couple long sleeves in case it ends up being chillier than it’s supposed to be!

The Must Haves


You’ve practiced with salted caramel GU at mile 15 for every single training run. You forget salted caramel and have to suck down a peanut butter gel at mile 10. You’re gonna have a bad time. Stick with what you’ve practiced with for success! I also have my Swedish Fish stashed with friends along the course to hand off for when I need it!

Handheld water bottle

Check race maps and info to see how many water stops will be offered throughout the race. I’ve taken water with me during my training runs and am used to it now. I can refill my handheld if need be, plus runDisney has enough water stops to keep me hydrated all 26.2 miles. Or what if you trained with Nuun all season long and the course only has Powerade. Stash it in your handheld so you know you’re prepared with what you’ve practiced with!

Race Belt

My fave running pants have so many pockets. That’s my #1 requirment for race pants…but there are some essentials that won’t fit…hello iPhone 6+. You’re just too big. So I stick it in my belt…which is also really easy to access for photo ops! I stash everything else in my belt or all the pockets in my pants…cash/card, chapstick, Gus, etc.

Special Extras

Coconut oil or vaseline for chafing prevention

I’ll pack it to slather on pre race. RunDisney races have medic tents along the course fully stocked with more vaseline for when it rubs off…

Throw away layer

Since FL weather in January is SUPER unpredictable, a throw away layer is important to have around especially while you wait 3+ hours in the pre-race area/corrals before gun time! 


My lips always get chapped during long races…partially due to prolonged sun exposure + dehydrated. I’ll put it in the teeny little pocket in my handheld bottle.

Don’t Forget:

Race waiver+ Race bib

You have to print your waiver to get your bib, so that’s important. You’ll need your bib race morning. Also important.

Marathon Packing List | Fresh Fit Florida

I think that covers my checklist. Oh god, I hope I’m not forgetting anything! That’s why I plan ahead so I can check and recheck!!

Are you running any of the races during Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend! Send me a shoutout..I’d love to hear from ya! Also follow along on my IG account for marathon updates and expo fun!


Marathon Training Recap Week 24

Well this is it! My very last recap…aside from the recap of the actual marathon…! Twenty four weeks absolutely flew by and I cannot believe marathon week is here!! There is a lot to be learned while training for an endurance event. You have a lot of alone time while logging all those miles to think about more than just feet pounding the pavement. During training you watch yourself get stronger, both physically and mentally, and it has truly been one hell of a journey.


It's Marathon Week!! | Fresh Fit Florida

started from the bottom…

It's Marathon Week!! | Fresh Fit Florida

Post Bikram yoga class

It's Marathon Week!! | Fresh Fit Florida

It's Marathon Week!! | Fresh Fit Florida

It's Marathon Week!! | Fresh Fit Florida

It's Marathon Week!! | Fresh Fit Florida

It's Marathon Week!! | Fresh Fit Florida

It's Marathon Week!! | Fresh Fit Florida

It's Marathon Week!! | Fresh Fit Florida

It's Marathon Week!! | Fresh Fit Florida

It's Marathon Week!! | Fresh Fit Florida

…Now we’re here!

Now that I’ve reminisced through the photos, here are the life lessons I learned while training for a marathon:

You can take all sorts of pain

Running 20 miles hurts. It hurts your feet, your knees, your hips, even your shoulders hurt. Don’t even get me started on blisters or chafing. That’ll hurt too. But somehow you dig deeper and push through it. Then the next day happens and you can’t walk up stairs. Or down stairs…but then that feeling goes away and you want to do it all over again. Runners are gluttons for punishment.

You can stick with things that are tough

Ya know the phrase..when the going gets tough, the tough get going…well it must have been written by runners. When it’s just you and the pavement all you have is yourself and your willpower to keep going, When that huge wall pops up at mile 18, you have to be ready to run through it and get to the other side. That makes a lot of other little problems in life not such a big deal and forces you to realize you’re one tough cookie.

You be able to say ‘no’ more

Four am wakeup call on a Saturday and saying no to plans? Those are just the perks of marathon training! So many people say that you must bid farewell to your social life during training, but in reality, you just need to prioritize your time. I know I’ll have a better 15 mile run if I get my full 8 hours of sleep. I know I’ll feel 100x better if I turning down the extra cocktail at dinner. Both of those things are hard, but you’ll figure out how to juggle it all and it’ll make you a better runner! Pro tip: invite your friends to run with you. ?

The feeling of accomplishment is the best feeling 

There is a lot of the bad and the ugly, but there is so so much good. Crossing the finish line, breaking through the wall, reaching your furthest run ever, your fastest, whatever milestone you achieve, the feeling of accomplishment trumps all. You’ve worked so hard for this, so enjoy it.


Twenty four weeks, hundreds of miles, lots of chafing, chicken and biscuits, early mornings, blood, sweat, and tears have brought me here and I’m ready! Bring it on, marathon week!


Marathon Training Recap Week 23 + Christmas Recap!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I’m slowly returning from a cookie coma and getting back to things on this Monday morning. I’m feeling all motivated to get back on track. Lots of photos and a long recap ahead!!

It was a busy holiday week filled with family, friends, and lots of good food! I started prepping for our holiday festivities on Tuesday last week with my first round of grocery shopping. We hosted Christmas Eve cocktails and appetizers and Christmas Day dinner, so I had a lot to get done. After shopping on Tuesday, I met some friends for an Ugly Sweater Fun Run. It was way too hot to be wearing that sweater, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wear it! It’s probably the only time a year I get to wear it in Florida…especially since this December is unseasonably warm.

Marathon Training Recap Week 23

Wednesday, I needed to finish up all my grocery shopping for the festivities, so I woke up super early to get it all done. First stop was the gym. Reminder to myself: the gym was completely empty at 7:30am, so try to go that early next time! I went through a 2 mile interval workout on the treadmill, then a quick leg circuit that definitely had me feeling sore! After the gym I hit the road with an apple and a Complete Cookie-my new obsession. I was hesitant to try one but once I had a bite of the chocolate chip, I was sold! I’ve refueled with the cookie and an apple and made my way to finish shopping.

My goal was to be done with everything early to beat the crowds and I was successful! I went to Walmart and Publix and finished everything by 12pm. I got home, unloaded the groceries, and got to work prepping as much in advance as possible.

Christmas Eve I was up and out early to meet a local MRTT group for their annual Christmas Eve run. I was meeting a friend a little early to fit in an extra few miles. It can be difficult fitting in workouts and running during a busy holiday week, but I tried my best to remain active and get in a few runs. The trick is to plan ahead and schedule workouts with friends and family! I got in 4 miles Christmas Eve morning and started the holiday weekend off on the right foot!


Christmas Eve was at our house-our first Christmas at the new place! We had festive Jack Frost cocktails and appetizers.

Joyeux Noël


I wore my new sequin pants for the occasion, but let me say they are not comfortable at all! The sequins kept snagging on everything, but they were festive so I suffered through! ?T

hough it was record highs for the Christmas and Christmas Eve, we lit a fire in our new backyard fire pit and sat around it for awhile. Thankfully it wasn’t too hot. We had the best time and called it a semi early night so we could be up early for Santa!


Christmas morning came quickly and we all enjoyed opening presents, drinking coffee, and snacking on Christmas cookies!

FullSizeRender 258

FullSizeRender 257

After all the present opening, we starting cooking to get ready for Christmas dinner! We made a maple ginger roasted pork, red wine butter roasted mushrooms, mac n cheese, green beans, roasted potatoes, lemon thyme bread….and desserts! We were all stuffed after dinner, so we sent everyone home with lots of treats and leftovers! It was a wonderful Christmas and I think one of my favorite ever!

Sunday morning I started off the day with a  5 mile marathon training run with my marathon running buddy. Less than TWO WEEKS until the marathon! We are getting excited and nervous and ready for the big day! We’ve started planning our outfits, nutrition, and where our people will be along the course. It’s coming so quickly and I’m feeling so nervous as I write!!

Now that the holidays are over, I’m ready to start the New Year on the right foot, take down the decorations, and get ready for the marathon. During our run yesterday, we were chatting about getting back on track and we decided to join the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. We’ve both followed TIU for years and decided it would be fun to jumpstart the year and our health with the plan. I am so excited and motivated for a healthy and happy 2016..I’ve had so much fun just reading through the plan.

I think that just about sums it up for week 23 and Christmas. Follow along with me for the next two weeks as it’s crunch time!!! Happy Monday everyone!


Marathon Training Recap Week 22

Can you believe it’s Christmas week?! I’ve had plenty of help with my little elf over here. And by help, I mean stealing bows and eating tissue paper, but what can you do?


Marathon Training Recap Week 22 | Fresh Fit Florid

In less than 3 weeks, I will be running a MARATHON!

Taper has been great. I love not waking up at 4am on Saturdays to run 10+ miles. It’s been so fun running casual 5ks and fun runs and going through light gym workouts. I’m a little nervous my mileage should still be more, but I’ve been active and killing my weekly workouts, so I still feel good.

Over the weekend, Central Florida was blessed with a quick little cold front that we all welcomed! I have too many wintery outfits to wear and didn’t have enough time to wear them all! ? Hoping for another cold front soon, especially during marathon weekend!!

During one of my runs last week at my favorite 3 mile route, I passed this PSA about eating organic…it’s an ad for a new organic farm nearby where you can pick your own organic produce. I need to check it out after the holidays!

Marathon Training Recap Week 22 | Fresh Fit Florida


I found out earlier last week that I was selected to be a Nuun Ambassador!! I am so excited for this opportunity to represent nuun and be apart of a community I truly believe in! Have you ever tried nuun? It’s a great sports hydration product with no added sugars and lots of electrolytes, plus a fizzy carbonation that really satisfies! I can’t wait for a great year with the community!

Nuun Ambassador

Last week was also the conclusion of my first class of nutrition school! One month down, ummm about 16ish to go?! I was nervous about my grade because this professor was ruthless, BUT I got a B! Starting school off on the right foot!

This upcoming week will be tough juggling workouts and runs and Christmas! I’m off to do some last minute shopping with my Mom, I have an Ugly Sweater 5k tomorrow night, then prepping and planning for hosting Christmas in our new house. Happy Monday everyone! Hope it was a productive one!


Marathon Training Recap Week 21

Four weeks from today I will be running my first marathon! How is it already here?! I am so so excited and nervous and just can’t wait to cross the finish line.

Taper has been hard for me…my motivation has fizzled out a bit and I’ve been eating poorly. This week though is off to a great start! With all the Christmas spirit and snacks, my diet has been all over the place. Now, I’m down to the wire, I’ll be back on track, starting with today’s 10 mile run.

FullSizeRender 234

FullSizeRender 235

Aside from staying on track for the remaining 4 weeks of marathon training, I’ve starting putting together goals and resolutions for 2016. This time of year always brings reflection on the past year and somehow my next year’s resolutions get formed before the year is even over. Here’s a couple goals that’ll go on my 2016 resolution list, but I’ll also try to follow through with them ’til the end of 2015.

  • Take Macy on more walks
    • We have a big back yard for her to run in, so it’s really easy to open the door and let her out. I want to take her on more walks and spend more time running with her. She has so much energy and needs to get it all out! I also need to get closer to my step goal of 10,000 steps/day, so it’s a win win!

FullSizeRender 238

  • Make meals with what I have on hand
    • This is kind of a weird one, but I love stocking up on groceries. Especially at stores that I don’t get to go to often like Trader Joes and Aldi. They have so much good stuff, especially for clean eating, so stocking up is essential. Until you’re in my boat and have so much food that you could feed a small army. My goal for the rest of the year (and into 2016!) is to cook the food I have and use up all the things I’ve been saving. I’m going to try not to grocery shop for food, except for fresh fruits and some veggies, dairy products, coffee, etc. Wish me luck! I may have to get creative and plan to share meals and ideas here to keep me accountable!

That’s all for now! Have you started thinking ahead and made resolutions for the new year? How about the rest of 2015?

Marathon Training Recap Week 20

Woohoo! Four short weeks stand between me and my first full marathon. Taper is in full swing, the holidays are quickly approaching, and 2016 will be here before we know it!

Week 20 was kind of a fail. After my super successful 20 miler, my body was telling me I needed to rest and recover. I had little motivation to run this week and my calves were sore almost all week long. Every time my alarm went off, I hit snooze like 6 times, which is totally unlike me. I’m usually up before the sun to workout, clean, or enjoy coffee and a quiet morning. Anyways, listening to my body was probably the best thing I could’ve done this week and I am ready to dive into week 21 with lots of running and workouts!

I also need to clean up my diet this week. The holiday season is hard. Also, the taper struggle is real.

Holidays During Marathon Training

Holidays During Marathon Training

Holidays During Marathon Training

Holidays During Marathon Training


Taper is the trail end of training for an endurance event, where you decrease mileage, but remain active. I’ve heard so many stories about people who fizzle out during taper or go crazy because they don’t know what to do with their spare time. And I always thought it was a running myth. I do find myself enjoying not having to be up at 4:30am on a Saturday morning for a 15 mile run, but didn’t find myself waking up early this past Saturday to get 10 in. At least I think I got the taper lull out of my system because I’m rearing to go this week! Maybe it’s the 2 dozen Christmas cookies or 6 doughnuts I consumed at my friend’s Hanukkah celebration that’s giving me the kick. Either way, can’t wait to run this week.


Have you had the taper lull before? How do you fight it?