May 2015

Colombia Restaurant’s 1905 Salad

Colombia Restaurants are throughout Florida and have amazing Cuban and Colombian food! Their world famous 1905 salads are so delicious and a favorite of mine and my hubby’s! We always have the dressing on hand to top various salads, but this time we were craving this delicious salad you can only get at the ‘oldest restaurant in Florida’. I decided to make our own version at home and it was a close second! I tried to make it as clean as possible, but this is definitely a cheat meal (especially with that buttery garlic bread ?)! Next time I dupe this recipe, I want to make my own version of the dressing to make it totally clean eating approved! ?

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Farmer’s Market Finds!

Went a little late so the selection was limited, but I picked up a pound of zucchini, a pound of peaches, 2 tomatoes, a pound of oranges, 2 lemons, and 4 apples all for $7.50! Next time I’ll have to go earlier, but I’m pretty pumped with what I got! ????

Weekend Ready

I am SO happy it’s the weekend! Tonight I’m reunited with a work friend and I cannot wait! I’m making a health fruit dip and my tropical fruit salsa for snacking! I’ve been searching Pinterest this morning for a clean tropical cocktail…any suggestions??

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Green Pina Colada Smoothie

Craving a green smoothie this morning after yesterday’s tough workout! I am so. sore. But it’s worth it!
Green smoothie recipe:
1 cup greek yogurt
1 frozen banana
½ cup fresh pineapple
1 cup spinach
½ cup coconut milk
Blend and enjoy…Happy Monday! ???✌️

Sunday Funday!

Started this morning with an ass kicking workout with my husband at the gym. He has belonged to one for awhile and now that I left the job that kept me running 4+ days a week, I decided to join too. I’m so excited to incorporate more strength training workouts and classes into my routine and today my hubby definitely kicked my butt.

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Italian Shrimp Bruschetta

I made this for dinner a couple nights ago after enjoying a similar appetizer at a Bar Louie during last weekend’s trip to Tampa. I was inspired to make this at home and use clean, fresh ingredients! It was delicious and will definitely be added to our recipe rotation.

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Skinny Coconut Mojitos

2oz coconut rum
8oz coconut water
4 mint leaves
2 lime wedges
Muddle the mint leaves and pour rum then coconut water over ice and leaves. Squeeze lime wedges on top. Stir with a straw and enjoy! ?☀️???