June 2015

2 thoughts for 2 miles

Wasn’t feeling up to a run this morning, so I took my sweet pup on a nice, long walk just to get up and get moving after a few days of vacation eating and no workouts ! Ready to get back to the grind…

Two Thoughts for Two Miles:

1. happy to be getting back into the swing of things after being out of town and being sick!

2. need to remember to stop and relax sometimes, like Macy !

Food Truck Roundup

A beautiful night to enjoy a food truck roundup in Lakeland, Florida! Hubby and I had a Kona dog (one of our faves!!), a Cuban panini, shrimp taco, and deep fried Oreos. We split everything and it was SO good! ???

3 thoughts in 3 miles

1. Wow, ILoveRunningRunningIsMyFaveThingEverICanDoAnythingRunnerForever

2. I’m moving at a glacial pace

3. Buuuuuut I’m doin’ it! ????

Coconut Mocha Iced Coffee

Enjoying a hot Sunday afternoon outside with homemade iced coconut mocha coffee ☕️☀️??

How I made it:
10 oz coconut mocha coffee
6 oz vanilla coconut milk
1 cup ice
Pour coffee and milk over ice and omg enjoy it so much ?

Dog Park Workout

Sweat sesh with my pup and hubs at the dog park! It’s so fun to switch things up and get some cardio in in a different way than the gym or a run! Chasing Macy and throwing around the ball is a fun way to get sweaty outdoors! ☀️??