August 2015

Marathon Training Recap Week 6

As I sit here and type up my progress during week 6 marathon training, I am enjoying a delicious cup of coffee with my first pumpkin spice creamer of the season. It may be August 30th, but I have pumpkin on standby and fall scented candles at the ready. I am so ready for fall…who’s with me?

I’m extra ready for a change in the weather…Running in Florida is MUCH easier when the humidity isn’t 100% on top of a high of 99…

Anyways, week 6 went well for me. I may have just found my routine again. I was feeling strong all week, ate well, worked out, and ran.

I started my week out on Monday with a 5 mile run in the evening. It was a good run. Even better when my hubby joined me on the bike for a mile or so! 🙂

Tuesday night I attended one of the hardest Zumba classes ever with one of my friends. I used to Zumba like twice a week a few years back and quickly burned out, but I was feeling in the mood again. This was a kick ass class-the instructor incorporated a LOT of strength into the routines plus it was held in a warehouse with no AC, so it totally kicked my butt. I want to make it a regular weekly workout!


Pineapple Upside Down French Toast Bake

My mom makes the most incredible French toast casserole that she brings to brunches, morning tailgates, and anytime breakfast foods are needed. Paired with a cup of coffee, the caramelized brown sugar and cinnamon bread pair perfectly for a leisurely Sunday morning. While it’s most definitely a delicious recipe, I have always wanted a lightened up version of this fabulous breakfast treat.

Making a healthier version of her French toast bake that is just as delish has been on my to do list. I was brainstorming ways to recreate her recipe and somewhere popped the idea for pineapple upside down French toast. Since the bottom of this casserole gets so caramelized and gooey, I thought that pineapples and maraschino cherries would go perfectly, hand in hand. Follow the jump for a lightened up, but delicious recipe, fabulous for any brunch with friends or a lazy weekend morning.

Pineapple Upside Down Toast Bake

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Fresh From Florida Recipe

I always associate mushrooms with warm comforting winter foods, but did you know this versatile veggie is in season year round in Florida? While browsing appetizer recipes on, I came across the in season now section and decided stuffed mushrooms are always a delicious compliment to cocktail hour. I wanted something that was light and healthy, but something that still packed a lot of flavor, so I knew the Florida Mushrooms stuffed with spinach and feta would be betta (I couldn’t resist) for my Mom’s birthday celebration!

Copy of watermelon salsa

Read on for the healthy appetizer recipe!

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Marathon Training Recap Week 4

Week four of marathon training was an EPIC fail. All motivation, passion, and healthy living went to hell this week as I sat on the couch and binged on snacks and Grey’s Anatomy. So much for my plans for a wonderful week of training that I made last week…

Honestly, I have yet to have a stellar week of marathon training. There have been good runs here and there, but I have been lacking consistency. I wish I could say this week would be better, but I am promising myself it will be. I started my Sunday (this morning) with a 90 minute Bikram yoga session, followed by brunch with my mom for her birthday, and a light and healthy dinner. I used my Sunday to reset, focus, and create some new goals. I think I am more focused than I have been in awhile and I feel like the fog lifting. Sometimes there are days and weeks when you have absolutely zero motivation, but you have to snap yourself out of your funk and reset. I need to learn to not be so hard on myself when I am feeling down. By creating a few short term goals, making fitness plans with friends, and browsing Pinterest for a few new healthy meal options, I feel ready to take on the week and make it a great one!

Do you ever get into a motivation funk? How do you snap out of it?






Marathon Training Recap Week 3

Am I really only 3 weeks into marathon training?! I cannot believe it is already August and I am one month closer to 26.2 miles. This week I struggled with consistency. I ran on Monday and on Saturday, 4 and 6 miles respectively. Both runs were great and I saw improvement in both my times! I’m getting back to where I was a few months ago when I was consistently PRing and running a lot more. I burn out quickly and that was my biggest hangup with registering and training for a marathon.

Top left–>Bottom right first coconut mocha frappacino of summer; I got certified in CPR this week and couldn’t stop laughing at this Impractical Joker memory!; me and my grandpa enjoying a dance at Animal Kingdom; a hummus plate with garlic naan for lunch; me and a friend on a 6 mile run at Boardwalk Hotel

My 6 mile run was with a friend who I hadn’t seen in awhile, so time flew by as we ran. I did take a handful of walk breaks, but at the end my time was only a few minutes off a 10k PR…I’ll take it! That run was one of my longest in forever, so I was proud of that accomplishment.

With the realization that my next half marathon is only 5 weeks away (OMG), I am really dedicating myself this week. I have a friend coming to stay with us tomorrow and she runs, so I’m looking forward to showing her some trails in my area and and walking a whole bunch at Disney on Tuesday! Then increasing miles at the end of the week! Wish me luck!

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I am excited to share my life through this blog as I document my running, marathon training, healthy recipe creating, treat eating, party planning, fun in the sun, Florida livin’, and all things that make me happy as I share all things fresh, fit, and fun in Florida.


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Week 2 Marathon Training Recap

Top left: mom and me at Hollywood studios! Top right: greek yogurt post run snack with trail mix and white chocolate chunks. Bottom left: Ronda Rousey is a badass! She’s so inspiring to me and I saw this quote on fb which really gets me motivated! ? Bottom right: view from a trail at Saratoga Springs Resort at Disney!

Week 2 is in the books! Unfortunately only fit in two runs this week which sucked but this week will be better! On Monday I ran hill repeats with a friend and ran 3 miles on Friday. I spent most of the week in Disney so I walked a ton and was still relatively active. Family has been in town so it’s been a busy week of the parks all day every day!

This week gets back to a normal schedule and I’m starting it off with 5 miles tomorrow morning! ? I really need to buckle down and get serious! I’m excited to up my short run mileage to about 4-5 miles each time.