February 2016

29 Ways to Take Advantage of Leap Day

Happy Leap Day ya’ll!

This is one of those days that I always forget about until it comes around. It’s just another day (except I’m going to Disney World!!!), but why not live it up to it’s full advantage?

Here are some ways to make the most of it and have an extra special leap day.

  1. Go to Disney World/Land! I just so happen to be going today and couldn’t be more excited! The last leap year (2012) WDW had I think their first all nighter where the park opened for 24 hours straight. And I went to it!

Walt Disney World | Fresh Fit Florida

This wasn’t from the One More Disney Day Party, but it was from 3/2012!

2. Start your day with a good breakfast and enjoy the start of a new week.

3. Fit in an extra workout. Run or bike 2.29 miles! There’s a lot of virtual ‘races’ to commemorate the day…check them out here.

4. Host a leap day party + celebrate all the leap year babies out there!

5. Watch the movie Leap Year + make snacks you don’t have that often.

6. Reevaluate your New Year’s Resolutions. This time of year is when we maybe need to realign our goals, so why not on Leap Day?!

7. Go eat somewhere that is offering Leap Day freebies and specials- Google it and checkout this link!

8. Shop Leap Day specials and get yourself something pretty.

9. Some airlines will be offering deals today, so book somewhere new to travel and spend the day planning your vacation!

10. Treat yo self! Calories don’t count on an extra day right??

11. Signup for a race and start training.

12. Check something off your bucket list.

13. Spend your day outdoors-the weather has been gorgeous lately! Hit the beach, pack a picnic, go for a hike, or just eat dinner outside tonight!

14. Stay up late and catch up on all your shows!

15. Finish your to do list.

16. Propose to your man. Isn’t that a thing??

17. Make plans for spring…it is right around the corner! ?

Leap Day 2016

18. Try something different. A new route to work, new food, a new experience.

19. I love this-I saw on Twitter: ‘ #LeapDay It’s not an extra day. It’s making up for 3 too short years. So let’s make up things with other people today, if we need to!’

20. Learn why we have Leap Years.

21. Create a Leap Day cocktail and share it with me! ?

22. Call out of work. Is it too late for that? Take tomorrow off!

23. Vote in your state’s primary or register to vote for November. Every vote makes a difference!

24. Use the day for a you day. Get a mani/pedi, book a massage, and take time for yourself.

25. Organize a game of leap frog- apparently that’s a thing too for Leap Days.

26. Clean the hell outta your house, car, whatever needs cleaning. It always feels so good once it’s done.

27. Bake a cake. And then refer back to #4 and #10.

28. Make a new Leap Day tradition and vow to celebrate it every 4 years.

29. Take a leap <–get it?? and do something you’ve always wanted to do. Be fearless and just do it!

Either way enjoy the extra day, no matter what you decide to do, and remember to make the most of everyday!


Fur Parents- Advice Needed!

So something strange happened this morning. I’m walking my pup, Macy down the street we live on, as I do every single morning. We live in a gated community, with a bunch of passive aggressive neighbors who air their grievances on our community Facebook page vs. confronting anyone in person. Let me also just add that I avoid confrontation like the plague, so instead of bringing up topics to neighbors in person or otherwise I’ll just bitch to my husband, family, and friends…and apparently my blog readers. ?

Fresh Fit Florida
Every morning we take a quick walk down one end of my street to a cul-de-sac and back; on our normal route this morning, Macy stopped to do her business. As I’m waiting for her to finish up and reaching for a poop bag from my holder, a neighbor who was on her way to work, approaches me.

‘Do you live on this street’, she asks. I responded that I do..but quite a few houses down. She then proceeds to tell me that the neighbors down this end do not want people to walk their dogs at this end and they especially do not want them going to the bathroom by their homes.

Now mind you, I’m literally standing there holding my dog’s poop in a bag. She watched me pick it up.

I replied that I ALWAYS pick it up. Always. I’m a good dog mom.

She said it did not matter, that their children all play in the yards and do not want to worry about their kids getting in dog poop. She said that the neighbors down that end wanted other neighbors to stop walking dogs down there and that even the dog owners in this part of the neighborhood were asked to walk their dogs elsewhere in the neighborhood.

Keep in mind that 1. We were not even in front of this persons house. And 2. That Macy did her business not in anyone’s yard but in the strip of grass right between the sidewalk and street…which is PUBLIC property.

All I could do was walk away. Then immediately call my husband, mom, and other dog parents to tell them what happened.

And I’m not even sure of what happened! I just walked away shocked that someone had the nerve to say that.

All I know is that it’s my neighborhood, and if I want to walk my dog then I’m entitled to. I always am respectful of others and pick up after my dog. I never let my dog go in the yards of other neighbors..just always the public spaces of our neighborhood.

I’m curious and want to know-

Dog parents…has this ever happened to you?? What did you do?? Keep doing your thing because they were out of line??

Have you been on the other end and have seen a lot of people not picking up after their dog?? I know that’s frustrating and gross-I get annoyed when people let their dog go in OUR yard, but I would never confront someone who was being respectful and picking up after themselves.

Macy says bark off!

What would you do? Please share in the comments!!



The Time I Ran a Half Marathon Before a 5k

Once upon a time, I signed up for a half marathon….and had never even run a 5k.

My cousin came to live with me for a few months in 2013 and wanted to run the Princess Half while she was in town. And she wanted me to do it with her. Sure, why the hell not? I was not a runner. Or in good shape of any kind.

Princess Half Marathon 2013 | Fresh Fit Florida

A couple of months or so prior to registering, I had just decided to make a fitness change and put my health first. I had lingering weight of the Freshmen 15 (during my senior year) and had adopted overall unhealthy habits. So I figured why the hell not run the race and take the plunge. In July 2012 I registered for the 2013 WDW Princess Half…way back when you could decide at your leisure to register for a Disney race and didn’t have to be ready signup at 11:59am.  I actually think I registered a month after registration opened and faced the bracket pricing levels! What?! That’s unheard of these days! ?

So I had a little over 6 months to train, which was plenty of time. At that point I was comfortable running about 3 miles. I built up strength and endurance and by the time February rolled around I was as ready as I would be!

Oh yeah, the furthest I had run during training was 7 miles.


Race weekend arrived and we were so nervous and excited. That weekend was a whirlwind..We barely made it to the expo to pickup our packets the Friday before the race. That year the expo was held at Coronado Springs and you had to take a shuttle to from Downtown Disney to the resort and back again and we made it by the skin of our teeth! We got our packets and had just enough time to get shirts from official merchandise before the expo closed. Soon enough we were on the shuttle back to Downtown Disney and off to carb up for the big day!

Princess Half Marathon 2013 | Fresh Fit Florida

We packed our checked bags with waters and prerace fuel the night before and headed to be pretty early to be up for 3am! You always have to be up and out early for Disney races…

Princess Half Marathon 2013 | Fresh Fit Florida

We were up and out on time and before we knew it, made it to Epcot. It was race time!


Princess Half Marathon 2013 | Fresh Fit Florida

We got into our corral and waited for our time to start. I peed like 3 times before we made it to the corral, but somehow had to pee again right as our corral was moving towards the start. I tried to focus on all the excitement of the race and then we crossed the start line! I was running my first half marathon!

Princess Half Marathon 2013 | Fresh Fit Florida

By the time I was about 3/4 of a mile into the race, I couldn’t ignore the urge to pee, so I made a bee line for the first porta pottie stop…normally the first bathroom stop on the course doesn’t have long lines, so I jumped at my opportunity. Connie went ahead and we promised to meet back up.

Super embarrassing porta pottie story: I got into the stall and I guess I didn’t completely latch the door, so some guy flung the door open on me mid pants down. We both basically froze in horror and I grabbed the door shut! I was so flustered in general,  so this happening didn’t help. I finished up and bolted out of there to keep going..I wasn’t even at the first mile marker yet!

Surprisingly enough the miles passed on by. Before I knew it I was in the Magic Kingdom area and saw my family at the Ticket and Transportation Center. It’s always so encouraging and motivating when you have your people cheering for you!

Princess Half Marathon 2013 | Fresh Fit Florida

Princess Half Marathon 2013 | Fresh Fit Florida

After seeing them, I really had a good pace going and was feeling really strong. So fast I guess that I didn’t even notice that a bottle from my belt popped off. A nice runner was kind enough to chase me for a few hundred yards to return it…I was just so in the zone that I didn’t hear her yelling or even notice. I was a hot mess at this race!

Princess Half Marathon 2013 | Fresh Fit Florida

I ran through the castle and made it outside Magic Kingdom to where I suppose I hit my first wall. That part of the course is long and kind of boring…I zoned out and really had to push through! At this point, I was in the furthest run I’d ever been on, but still had about 5-6 miles left!

Finally I hit the mile 10 marker and knew only 3 miles stood between me and completing my first half! I made it up and over a few overpasses– why are all the hills at the end of Disney races!?– and came through the side entrance of Epcot. After getting a final push from my family around mile 12, I was on to the end of the race. At this point everything hurt but once I saw the gospel singers at the exit of the park, I knew I was in the home stretch! I crossed the finish line and was completely overcome with emotions. Never in my life did I think I was a runner or would ever accomplish such a big goal. I was so proud and excited and exhausted.

Princess Half Marathon 2013 | Fresh Fit Florida

I think the best way to describe the post run feeling was dazed. I walked through the finish line chute, received my medal, and tried to get back to my bag. I was trying to call my group so they could find me, but everyone there was doing the same thing so I couldn’t get through. Somewhere along the way after the race I dropped my arm band with Brian’s iPod that I had borrowed and lost it. Connie and I never met back up on the course, so we were trying to find each other too! Eventually we all met back up, took lots of photos, and congratulated each other and celebrated!


I remember being so sore. I barely had an appetite, but we had breakfast reservations at the Grande Floridian afterwards. It hurt to walk, but we always heard that we should walk it out, so we went to breakfast then the Magic Kingdom for a victory lap around the park.


Somewhere close to the Hall of Presidents, I remember sitting on a wall and I think I was done at that point! We made our trek back to the car…which is always a long walk after a race….and went home. I ate breadsticks from Olive Garden and passed out for a few hours on the couch!

This was my very first half marathon and when I knew I was absolutely in love with running. The feeling of crossing your first finish line is one that goes unmatched and unlocks a newfound passion in so many of us.



And all this happened before I even ran an official 5k!

First 5k! | Fresh Fit Florida

This was from my very first 5k! A month after I ran my first half marathon!


Outfit Inspiration for Princess Race Weekend

When I was a youngster and found myself at the pool, I was most definitely always playing ‘mermaid.’  I’d fight over the best mermaid names with my friends…Ariel was always taken, then we’d resort to various semi precious stones like Emerald or Diamond and would swim around the pool for hours.

Didn’t we all??

This year’s runDisney Princess Race weekend is The Little Mermaid themed…and I’m having major FOMO. This will be the first time in four years that I’m not running it- It was my very first half marathon in 2013 and I’ve done it ever since. I opted out for this year since I was registered for the marathon and figured I’d need the break…okay and to save a lil $ since back to back races are expensive! But now that it’s this month, I’m bummed I’m missing it!


Princess Weekend 2015 | Fresh Fit Florida

@ last year’s race!

Anyways, I can’t help but feel excited about The Little Mermaid theme and the overall race excitement in general. Over WDW Marathon Weekend, I picked up the New Balance special edition runDisney Ariel shoes and have been wearing them ever since and what better time to brainstorm outfit inspo, than when everyone’s gearing up for Princess weekend?! By the way, the NB shoes are going to be available again at this race weekend’s expo…read all about how to snag a pair here.

Princess Weekend Outfit Inspo | Fresh Fit Florida | Fresh Fit Florida


Here’s some mermaid outfit inspiration and gear necessary for Princess Weekend! I always choose to wear themed clothing versus a costume, because I think less is more to keep myself comfy during long runs. I always admire the runners who wear full on costumes to races..I just like to be cool and comfortable! ?


Princess Weekend Outfit Inspo | Fresh Fit Florida


  1. These leggings. I can’t. I want ’em bad! Not overly in your face mermaid so you could wear them for any workout, but just the right touch for any of the Princess races. They are for running and workouts, but also can hold up in the water.
  2. All merbabes need to hold their goodies for racing, so a Flipbelt is a great option! These belts are great for a pop of color, but also sit well under a looser top. They hold so much so you don’t have to way down your pants with nutrition, keys, or anything else you need for race day!
  3. Medal racks are essential for storing your hard earned bling! I love finding unique medal holders and this mermaid one is stylish and perfect for all the precious bling over Princess weekend. This rack is a sweet edition to home decor and will look pretty holding all your medals.
  4. You know how I feel about muscle tanks! And one with an appropriate phrase for the theme works for me. Etsy has literally thousands of cute tanks, tees, and apparel, the options are endless. But this teal and pink one spoke to me.
  5. Jewelry probably isn’t a top priority when planning a race day outfit, but I always wear my princess crown earrings for a runDisney race. I work ’em for my first Princess half and have ever since. I think they bring good luck! These starfish ones are really cute and add a subtle touch.
  6. I just got this Sweaty Band during a sale back in January. I love the combination of teals and blues and thought it’d be great for spring and summer. I couldn’t find it available, but here are two picks that will go perfectly with whatever you decide to wear: mint green or multi colored!
  7. All mermaids need to drink that water to stay beautiful and hydrated! Tote this bottle around during the expo to make sure you’re sipping water to hydrate for the race!

Princess Weekend Outfit Inspo | Fresh Fit Florida

all dressed up nowhere to go ?

shoes | leggings (similar)

Are you running any races during Princess Weekend?? If so, I’m feelin’ jealous! ?

Fresh Fit Florida


I Gained Weight During Marathon Training

There was just too much #treatyoself and not enough proper fuel for my body. Oops.. It happens! And it’s way easier than I thought!

I trained for a marathon and gained weight | Fresh Fit Florida

You have a 15 mile training run. That’s a lot of time to think about what you’ll eat afterwards to reward all your hard work. I’m a firm believer in everything in moderation and that regular treats will help to avoid binges. But I took my own advice a little too true to heart.

Pre run fuel should involve good carbs like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and wheat pasta.

What I would usually have: A big ass cheeseburger and fries from this place that has the BEST tacos (and burgers!)  ?

My mistake: Yes, I need to be carbing for long runs, but I used that excuse a little too liberally. I should have replaced the burger for nutritious, sustaining energy, but instead used a long run to justify junk food.

Takeaway: These treats are okay once in awhile! It just became a regular food for me during training.

at my heaviest during training

Post run fuel should include more carbs, protein to restore muscles, and some healthy fats. During long runs I craved salt SO much…because our bodies sweat out salt, it’s easy to crave.

I’d usually have some form of chicken tenders with buttery bread-hello Chikfila breakfast biscuits! Weird combo, but it would be all I could think about after mile 10. This actually probably wasn’t the worst thing to have after a long run, since I replenished electrolytes, carbs, and fats, but I should have picked some cleaner foods to satisfy my cravings. Like eggs and toast and fruit!

Takeaway: While it wasn’t the worst food to refuel with, I probably could have chosen more nutritious foods. ?


i could really see it in my face!

During the week, regular eating habits should be maintained. I try to eat clean with a lot of fruits and veggies with lean proteins, but during training, I again could justify mac n cheese or fries with my entrees almost every night.

Though I was running and working out during the week, I was consuming more foods than burning, so I was gaining weight. Overall, I gained about 25 pounds and in the new year and post marathon, I started to shred it just by going back to my clean eating habits. But I definitely haven’t given up the occasional cupcake or fries! ? I’m back on a better track of fueling my body properly and eating lots of fruits and veggies again..I’ve recently tried zucchini noodles and have been having them 24/7!

Fresh Fit Florida

back at it!

It’s really easy to get into the mindset of ‘I’m training for a marathon, I can eat whatever’ and while you can certainly indulge in treats, it can easily catch up with you. Somewhere along the way, I abandoned my clean eating habits and just treated myself way too much. And had no trouble justifying it! Sometimes it just takes a moment to realize it and recognize the unhealthy habits, and thankfully I’ll know what to do for future race training!

Valentines Day! | Fresh Fit Florida

I’ll be enjoying our traditional heart cookies for Valentine’s Day this weekend and hopefully some champagne! ? Enjoy your weekend and #treatyoself!




5 Ways Running is my Valentine

Dear Running,

Be mine ?

Oh running, I’ve missed you. It’s been a month since my marathon and I haven’t gone for a run since. A case of tendonitis in my foot sent me out of commission for awhile, so it’s better to rest it and allow it to heal. While that meant taking some time off, I think I’m finally on the mend and will hopefully get back out there soon! Missing my runs got me to thinking about all the things I love about running so I wanted to share my love with a Valentine!


? : Download the printable here


Five Ways Running is my Valentine

5.  The clothes. I really love workout clothes. They make you look good..they make you feel good…that’s what I need in a Valentine. ?

chocolates are a good place

4. Diamonds are forever, but so are Facebook photos and race medals. Some runners only do it for the bling, and I don’t blame ’em! I like my money where I can see it…hanging on my medal rack.

FullSizeRender 276

3. Food. Post run treats are the best. But stay tuned for my post about gaining weight during marathon training. ?


2. Races. I love going to races to spectate, just as much as I love to go run. The camaraderie, the cheering, and the overall energy of a race is just contagious. Everyone is somehow on the same team during this single player sport and I love it.


1. The runner’s high. That feeling of flying, like you can do anything. And you can! ? It’s such a wonderful feeling that keeps us runners coming back for more. ?



Who’s your Valentine this year? ??? Brian is always my #1, but running comes close! ?


Fresh From Florida Recipe

What’s better than sangria?


Sangria is such a delicious’s light and fresh and sweet, but packs just the right amount of punch<–Get it?? The combinations are virtually endless, with different kinds of wines, bubbles, fruits, liqueurs…the list goes on. Today I’m sharing a new favorite recipe using some Fresh From Florida seasonal produce, the pummelo!

Fresh From Florida Pummelo Sangria | Fresh Fit Florida

Have you ever heard of pummelos? Pummelos are crossed between oranges and grapefruits. They’re super sweet and are not as bitter as a grapefruit! Florida grows them along with all the citrus crop we’re famous for, from November-April. While I’ve seen them year round in grocery stores in Florida, they are the best in season and can be found at any farmers market!

Fresh From Florida Pummelo Sangria | Fresh Fit Florida

I picked up a couple pummelos at my local market last week for $1 apiece. I like to eat them like a grapefruit, but also got to thinking what else you could use the citrus fruit for….so Florida Pummelo Sangria was born.

I’ve been searching for a excuse to bust out my bottle of Tangerine Tango wine that made at the Keel and Curley winery in Plant City. We have a lot of local wineries that concoct their own wines using fresh from Florida ingredients. They’re best known for their blueberry wines, but have a sweet lineup of citrusy flavors like my bottle Tangerine Tango or the Key West Key Lime (next on my list to try!!).

Fresh From Florida Pummelo Sangria | Fresh Fit Florida

This citrusy sweet sangria is the perfect cocktail for a weekend outdoors or for your Valentines Day plans. You can find this wine here or swap for a white zin from your regular grocery store.

Fresh From Florida Pummelo Sangria

Florida Pummelo Sangria

1 bottle Tangerine Tango or white zinfandel wine

1 liter sparking water

1/2 cup coconut water

Juice from one pummelo

Sliced citrus fruits: limes, pummelo, grapefruits, and oranges; I just used limes cuz they looked so pretty! ?

Combine everything in a pretty pitcher and serve over lotsa ice. Enjoy outdoors ?

Fresh From Florida Pummelo Sangria | Fresh Fit Florida

This is a sweet but light and refreshing cocktail; the coconut water cuts the acidity from all the citrus and keeps you hydrated while you dehydrate! ?

What’s your fave sangria recipe? Have you ever tried a pummelo?