July 2016

First Trimester

Finding out you’re pregnant is so crazy! This whole experience has actually been pretty crazy. From day one finding out, to extreme fatigue, to feeling completely normal, i.e. not pregnant at all, it’s been a roller coaster ride…thank you hormones! I have three months to recap, so I’ll try to keep it as short and sweet as possible!

First Trimester | Fresh Fit Florida

Nightly walk at 11 weeks!

Finding Out

I woke up on a Saturday with the symptoms of dehydration from one too many drinks the night before. You  know that yuck feeling where you just want salty foods and gatorades? I nursed my mini hangover and lounged all day around the house. Around 3pm that day I had the urge to take a little nap and when I went to lay down I couldn’t get my pulse to slow…my heart was racing! NBD, that happens when you lay down too quickly or stand up too fast, but this time I could not seem to calm down. At this point, I’m thinking pregnant. And thinking that maybe I was late by one day. One day! That’s it!! Which isn’t totally unusual for me. Anyways, I mention this to Brian and he thinks I’m nuts, but we head to the closest Walgreens. I get two kits, so four sticks total. And the cashier says ‘Congrats if that’s a good thing.’ I guess the weird comments made to pregnant women was already starting?!

Fast forward, I took the first test, waited, and saw the two pink lines. I raced into the garage to tell Brian who couldn’t believe it. Naturally, I took the next three tests. All positive. So many thoughts were racing through both of our heads. We slept on it and gave ourselves some time to process this huge news.

Sunday morning, I just felt like I needed to take another test. So we drove to CVS, picked up two more tests and then to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a light breakfast before I met my mother and mother in law for brunch. I literally couldn’t wait until I got home to take a test, so yep I peed on a stick at Dunkin Donuts. And yet another positive. If you’re keeping score, that’s five positive tests so far!

Peed on another three at home and it may have finally hit me. I’m pregnant!

We’re going to be parents!!!

I then went to brunch on such an adrenaline high and secretly pulled our server aside and asked for a virgin mimosa. I was sweating bullets all through brunch but made it through. We actually didn’t tell anyone until we hit the six week mark! But more on that later….

We wanted to be 100% sure everything was good, so Monday morning I began calling doctors offices near me who would see me. Cue my first meltdown. Did you know offices won’t see you until six weeks?? That’s usually because most women don’t find out until then. I’ll come to find out that we found out super early (almost down to the day!) and that every nurse, doctor, and tech I’d come to know would say, ‘Wow you’ve got a long way to go! You found out so early!’ But it was so stressful that no one will take you for an appointment. I was thinking how can they just let pregnant women go around for a few weeks without an appointment?! Surely they will see you! I finally found an office who wanted me to come in for a proof of pregnancy. Finally!! I skipped school and headed straight for the doctors office. Peed in a cup, met the doctor, and they sent me on my way with an appointment for my first ultrasound at 6 weeks. They determined I was four weeks and a handful of days and that my due date would be December 16th! Holy shit this is getting real!

The next two weeks seemed to drag on, but finally it was time for my first appointment. I actually ran the Star Wars 10k right before my appointment and just after we found out! Such a stressful weekend hiding it from all my people! We spent the weekend with our family and closest friends and alcohol, so it was tough…but finally our appointment arrived.

We got to see our little baby on the screen which was so surreal! The doctor answered all my questions and said though it was early, everything looked great. We decided to tell everyone that Friday, under the guise of Macy’s third birthday.

First Trimester | Fresh Fit Florida

The Big Reveal

We had my parents and Brian’s parents over to celebrate Macy’s birthday party on May 1st. It was killing us holding in this secret…for two weeks!! Worst of all was that I spent the entire day leading up to the reveal with my parents and it was so hard to keep it a secret. Finally we didn’t have to: we gathered the family around for a slideshow of Macy photos with the final photo of Macy with the ultrasound.

First Trimester | Fresh Fit Florida

Brian and I finally shared our big news!! Everyone just sat shocked! Not really sure what was happening! I think a good minute of silence passed then tears and hugging from the ladies and more silence from the men! I think everyone was just so shocked and surprised. It was an awesome way to share with everyone.

First Trimester | Fresh Fit Florida

Next on the list to tell what my girl Lindsay! And after that everyone was sworn to secrecy. We really wanted to wait until the end of the first trimester to tell the rest of our families and friends. OMG was is so hard to keep that secret for another SIX WEEKS!!

First Trimester | Fresh Fit Florida

Six Weeks Pregnant! Baby is the size of a sweet pea!

Weight Gain

I really didn’t get too much weight during the first trimester! At my eight week appointment, I was only up one pound! By the end of the first trimester I had only gained about 2-3 pounds! ?


So so tired!! Fatigue pretty much 24/7 that lasted for a few solid weeks.

Bloated feeling that seemed to linger as well. The first few weeks early in my first trimester really seemed as similar to period symptoms.

Slight naseau, thankfully no real sickness. Pretty much experienced naseau every morning when I woke up, but would usually have some sparkling water with crackers or toast, fall back asleep for an hour and be pretty good to go. Only time I was truly sick, was on Mother’s Day (of all days!!) and had a huge breakfast buffet at Animal Kingdom Lodge, followed by a Chinese food dinner. Baby woke me up at 1am and was NOT feelin’ all the heavy foods of the day. I since counted my lucky stars I didn’t throw up daily!

First Trimester | Fresh Fit Florida

Mother’s Day 2016!


At first, I could not get enough Reeses Puffs cereal. WTF, so random, but do damn delicious. Funny enough, the afternoon before we were waiting to share our news I poured myself a huge bowl of Reeses Puffs and my parents were so surprised because I hardly ever eat food like that! I also always a diet heavier on the carbs than usual, probably due to the nauseous in the mornings. Breads and pastas sounded better than everything else.

First Trimester | Fresh Fit Florida

This photo was taken in my brief period of craving watermelon and pickles. Together…at the same time. That’s been the weirdest thing so far!


Chicken. Oh god no. Please no chicken. Even now. So gross. Also mushrooms. And Chinese food. That’s it!


I planned from day one to try my best to be as healthy as possible during my pregnancy. I was running a lot more during my first trimester than I am now, but I contribute that more towards hot damn hot it is out right now. The weather was still great during my first trimester, so I’d try to run with Macy a few times a week, with some other workouts mixed in, like weight circuits in our garage gym. I worked this around the extreme fatigue I felt. More on that below…

First Trimester | Fresh Fit Florida


All day errday! I couldn’t get enough sleep. I was exhausted all. the. time. I was sleeping like 12 hours a night then coming home from school and crashing for like an hour or two before dinner. It was crazy how fatigued I was. It hit be pretty hard around week 7-9 or so and still comes and goes. I have my days!

Pregnancy Related Purchases

Not yet! During the first trimester, I was very anxious to buy anything yet!

Things I’m Looking Forward to Most

Painting the baby’s room and our next appointment! And of course the gender!

Boy or Girl Prediction?

At that point, we weren’t too sure!


Stay tuned for the next update..I’ll recap the first couple months of my second trimester and then the gender reveal party!! ?


Blog Announcements!

Hi ya’’s been quite a few months since I last posted and figured I was due for a little catch up time! When I started my blog, I wanted to be sure not to apologize for missing a post or for going a couple weeks without a post, since it’s mine and life can get in the way. It happens! If you have a blog, then you know too! It’s true this space has been put on the back burner…for reasons you’ll find below…but my goal is to keep it up and running during all the craziness of life!

Anyways, here’s a few life updates and things you can look forward to with a regular posting schedule!

My blog celebrated it’s 1st birthday!

It’s been over a year since I started a little tumblr. account and had really no direction on where I was going. It’ll be a year in August since I got serious about blogging and moved my tumblr. to the domain and it’s been a fun year! My blog has grown a lot, which is obviously excited and I’ve connected with many great thank you!! I can’t wait to see what the next few years have in store.


I’m still in school to become an RD. 

In fact, I was accepted early to the next program start of the dietetics program, which is in August!

Dietetics Student Beginning August | Fresh Fit Florida

Got my scrubs, schedule, and tons of new school supplies, so I am ready!


We are so excited to welcome our first child in December! It’s an exciting time over here and Brian and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been a crazy few months so far and time is starting to really go by fast. I ended my first trimester with little morning sickness, random cravings, and extreme fatigue (part of why my hiatus around here stuck…). I’m welcoming the second trimester and what the next few months have in store! I’m wanting to blog about my pregnancy not only to share with others, but so I can look back over it and remember all the fun times and memories. So stay tuned!

Pregnancy Announcement | Fresh Fit Florida

That about sums up a few things around here. Looking forward to a few months of excitement and new posts. Thanks for reading!