September 2016

Easy Weeknight Dinner Idea

Sometimes the best dinners are the easiest dinners. Simple but flavorful, this super quick weeknight dinner idea will work with whatever you have leftover in the fridge. I’m guilty of stashing leftovers to go bad in the fridge, so meals like this one are easy to pull together and allow me to use up what’s on hand.

Throwing everything you have and calling it a bowl is as simple as it gets! I love weeknight meals like this because I’m getting good nutrition, veggies, and lean protein, plus using up what’s in the fridge.

Bowls are SUPER versatile. Mexican flavors equal a burrito bowl. Have leftover Chinese? Add some fresh veggies and go for an Asian bowl. I love throwing leftovers on fresh spiralized zucchini and then I call it Italian. Whatever works.


Easy Dinner Idea | Fresh Fit Florida

Super Easy Steak Bowls

This steak bowl was inspired by what was in the fridge. It has

  • Trader Joes chimichurri marinated steak (obsessed, so good)
  • Minute Rice
  • Leftover canned pineapple
  • Fresh broccoli slaw with other cruciferous veggies

I grilled the steak first while the rice boiled (hello boil in da bag) and raided the fridge. I had leftover pineapple from the can for a teriyaki meatball dish, and a bag of broccoli slaw that was unclaimed, so steak bowls we born. After the steak was done cooking, I quickly sautéed the slaw in the pan juices just to add a little color and flavor. Assembled the bowls and used the marinade packet as a sauce once everything was together.

And ya know what?? This was a winner winner dinner. Even my husband was impressed and he loved it. I love it because we got our protein and veggies on, PLUS it took about 20 minutes from start to finish. All you need is some creativity and some options you already have on hand. There’s literally millions of combinations!


What’s your go to weeknight meal? Are you a fan of bowls? Why is food better in a ‘bowl’??!!


Food Truck Wars

Over the weekend, some of Central Florida’s best food trucks rounded up in lil old Winter Haven for a Food Truck Battle. We are food truck people-we love going to rallies and roundups around town and trying out some of the best of the best foods and treats that are out there. We’ve tried things from burgers on Krispy Kreme doughnuts to deep fried Oreos.. I think we’ve sampled a bit of everything in the food truck world and this battle did not disappoint!

Note-I’m having an issue with this post and making the images larger, so please excuse their small size!

Food Truck Wars | Fresh Fit Florida

We trekked over to downtown Winter Haven where over 40 of the area’s best food trucks were gathered to share their food with the masses.

Food Truck Wars | Fresh Fit Florida

First stop was Philly’s Best Cheesesteaks from Orlando, FL, who’s name did live up to the hype. Though I’ve never had an authentic Philly from PA, this was one of the best cheesesteak sandwiches I’ve had! Veggies had the perfect bite, the steak was tender, and cheese covered every bite. Not off to a bad start!

Food Truck Wars | Fresh Fit Florida

Now this is where I’ve failed as a blogger, because not only did I not snap a photo of the food we ate, but not of the specific trucks either, so please enjoy these photos from the festival.?

Food Truck Wars | Fresh Fit Florida

Next up, my Mom got some fish and chips from London Fish and Chippy, which was super good as well. The fish was light and breaded perfectly and the chips (fries) were golden perfection.

Food Truck Wars | Fresh Fit Florida

In the meantime, Brian and my Dad shared some of the biggest ribs I’ve ever seen! I’m not 100% sure which truck they came from, but according to them, they were great. Unfortunately for me, I’m not too keen on BBQ right now…maybe after baby!

Food Truck Wars | Fresh Fit Florida

I did get to enjoy a really tasty crab cake from Willy T’s Crab Shack. It was seasoned really well and had juicy bits of crab and a really nice garlic aioli that I wish I could make again at home!

Food Truck Wars | Fresh Fit Florida

I feel like none of these descriptions are worth anything without photos..I’m sorry!

Finally, we couldn’t wrap up the day without a visit to the brand that was singlehandedly responsible for my freshmen thirty fifteen: Sweet! By Holly. My all time favorite cupcake shop, their sweets are sinfully delicious and decadent. Their first store is right by UCF Main Campus and it was all a little too easy to stop there from class and get desserts. They catered my college graduation, 21st birthday, every breakup, and stressful class, so naturally I NEEDED cupcakes from them.

I was a tad disappointed they didn’t have my go to flavors like Black and Gold (in honor of UCF), BUT I did get two mini pumpkins, which are a seasonal delight that I used to look forward to around the fall.

pumpkin blackandgold

I’ll be dreaming of these ’til the next time I have them.

The last stop was my friend from UCF’s food truck! Shout out to The Cake Girl Tampa! I stopped by to say hit and chat for a few, then finally leave with a half baked cupcake and it was SO GOOD! The frosting was basically cookie dough, which is the thing for me. And I did take a pic! 😉

Food Truck Wars | Fresh Fit Florida

Our time at the Food Truck Wars was a success! I know after we left, they eliminated some trucks in the contest categories, but we didn’t stay to hear who won. I also can’t find it online, but the day was a success!

Food Truck Wars | Fresh Fit Florida

Also-shoutout to my FIL who had a boating accident yesterday and took off one if his fingers. Thankfully he is fine but we were all a bit shaken at first! They sowed the finger back on, so we’re all hopeful it’ll stay that way!

Food Truck Wars | Fresh Fit Florida

Have you been to a food truck battle before? Does your community have regular food truck roundups? Do you have a favorite truck??




Game Day Race Gear

Football is back baby! This makes me ridiculously happy..and even though Brady still is out for two more games, I’m still 100% the spirit of things. I’m too excited for some football parties and eventually getting around to hosting my fancy tailgate

You can’t cheer on your team without some football gear. There’s way too many cute things out there to show your spirit or love for the game! I want to buy half the shirts on Etsy.

Or what about a football themed races or runs during the season? Maybe you live near a college or NFL stadium where a group meets for a 5k or fun run. If that’s true, then I’m totally jealous! But I’ve started seeing football runs get more popular now until the Superbowl, so I figured I’d round up some cute football themed workout gear. These picks are so perfect for a fancy tailgate, sitting on the couch cheering from home, and running in a race for your team!

I won’t be running a race till after baby, so while I’m having major FOMO about races, I can still shop right? In the meantime, I’ll be buying these cute picks and looking good while I cheer on my Pats, stuffing my face with football snacks…

Game Day Race Gear | Fresh Fit Florida


  1. I couldn’t make a roundup without including something from the Patriots. These tights are super comfortable and really great for working out. Other teams have similar tights, so search NFL for your team!
  2. Also, had to rep my UCF Knights! All schools have cute drink wear, you can find it again in your team’s colors.
  3. Love this cute tank that can be warn for any game! Brian’s almost always watching a college game on Saturdays, so a team neutral tank is perfect to wear.
  4. Another super cute tank for any occasion!
  5. Love Sweaty Bands. They have all kinds of great headbands for literally every occasion. They have some team ones and other football ones too!
  6. One more tank!
  7. So these shoes aren’t for running, but are comfy enough for walking around a stadium or getting through a weight circuit. Plus they’re metallic gold, so how can you not get them???


What team, NFL or college, are you repping this season? Are you participating in any football themed fitness events




Top 10 Things I want to Pinterest Right Now

Do you ever feel like you save things to your Pinterest boards and never get around to making/doing them? That’s how I feel 90% of the time! While I do whip up some recipes or crafts time to time, my Pinterest boards remain undone to do lists. A goal before our baby arrives is to test out some of the things on my Pinterest, so here’s a list of the top 10 things I want to accomplish on Pinterest!

Spoiler alert: A lot have to do with pumpkin and/or fall.


  1. Paleo Coffee Cake via Jay’s Baking Me Crazy



2. Host a Classy Tailgate via Town and Country


This will probably happen at home vs. at a game this season, but a fancy tailgate party for a football game? Yes please. Only thing missing for me is ice cold beer.

3. Make Ahead Freezer Meals


Photo via Smart House School

I’ve got over 30 recipes saved for freezer cooking before baby’s arrival. I’ve got friends and family on deck to help with a day of cooking. This is really exciting to me. Maybe’s it’s some early nesting setting in, but whatever it is, I don’t want to have to think about coming up with a meal for at least 2 months post baby. It’s a big undertaking, but I got this!

4. Pie Crust Chips via Pampered Chef


How pretty are these sweet treats?? And how easy to whip up for a party or get together?

5. Stockpiling Before Baby via All Kinds of Things

Another hefty goal, but if I stock up on household essentials every time I shop, I’ll be in good shape!

6. Honeycrisp Apple Sangria via The Live Fit Girls


File under to do post baby, but I’m making a seasonal cocktail!! I’ve had this recipe saved for over two years. It’s time.

7. Light Pumpkin Dessert Pizza via Simply Taralynn


Another recipe I’ve had pinned 2+ years, it’s time to make this healthy pumpkin dessert pizza!

8. Butternut Squash Soup via Peanutbutter Fingers


9. New Hair


Photo via Pinterest

I’ve been putting off doing something to my hair, mainly because I can’t use hair dye while pregnant, so it’s on my list this fall. I’m dying to change the color, but I’ll have to wait just a little longer!

10. Carve pumpkins!


Photo via Coastal Living

We do it every year and I plan to when it’s closer to Halloween! These coastal inspired pumpkins are so pretty.


Do you pin a ton of great ideas but never get through the list? What’s at the top of the list for you? What’s the best thing you’ve ever made or done from Pinterest?



9 Products to Try if you Like PSL

Pumpkin spice season is officially upon us! ?  When the fall months roll around and Starbucks releases the PSL, autumn is officially here and I could not be happier! Stores start stocking all things pumpkin and my need for those spiced treats is at an all time high.

At the start of the new season brings back old favorites and new treats. It’s so fun to try them all! If you are a lover of the infamous PSL and all things pumpkin spice, try these 9 products now!

They seriously make pumpkin spice everything these days and I’m not complaining…

9 Products to Try if you Love PSL | Fresh Fit Florida

  1. Pumpkin Spice Cheerios are here and they are good. Subtlety spiced and not too sweet. Plus they are made with whole grains, so not a bad way to start the day!
  2. Natural Bliss Creamer from Coffee-Mate has replaced my artificially sweetened coffee creamer and I’ve never looked back. They release a limited edition pumpkin flavor for the fall and it’s the perfect addition to my pumpkin spice kcups.
  3. TJ’s Pumpkin Ravioli is a favorite prepackaged dinner idea that I love to have on hand. Throw on some light alfredo sauce with peas and maybe a chicken sausage for added protein and there’s a perfect fall dish in less than 20 minutes.
  4. I LOVE Boom Chicka Pop Holidrizzle Pumpkin Spice popcorn for a light treat that feels indulgent. They make a ton of different seasonal flavors and candy corn is another favorite.
  5.  These spiced almonds are great on their own, but so good mixed into a festive trail mix with candy corn, chocolate chips, and dried apples.
  6. OMG the Wow Baking Company Pumpkin Spice Cookies are to die for! These were added into my cart at Target and I’ll never look back. You must try them! I realize that in the graphic it’s the snickerdoodle kind, as they didn’t have the pumpkin on their website, but the best way to describe these delicious treats are like a pumpkin spiced jacked up snickerdoodle. Yas please.
  7. Wild Friends Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter is an unexpected twist on two good things, so why not put them together?! More PB than pumpkin spice, which is perfect for this food. I like it spread on whole grain waffles with some fresh fruit!
  8. Did you try the Pumpkin Spice Oreos last year?! If you did, then you are happy they are back again for the season. Nothing better than Oreos amiright?
  9. Pumpkin Spice Syrup is such a decadent treat for homemade waffles or french toast guaranteed to make your brunches so much better. I found a bottle last year at Crate and Barrel and must get one for this year. It’s sweeter than you’d think..really a perfect blend of maple syrup and pumpkin spice.

Well I’ll be over here in a pumpkin spice coma now until the day after Thanksgiving! In case that’s not enough pumpkin for you (me neither), than checkout this roundup of recipes I’m just dying to try. Goal is to make it through my Pinterest boards of holiday/seasonal foods before baby’s arrival! Think I can do it??




Cute Gear for National Yoga Month

If you are a yogi, then you must be excited September is finally here– it’s National Yoga Month! National holidays and fun days always motivate me to get festive and participate! I definitely have neglected my yoga practice while pregnant (I seriously miss my Bikram yoga sessions!), but it’s something I would love to get back into in the final month of pregnancy. What better time to realign my goals and get back into practice than this September?

This month, my goal is to hit yoga once a week at my gym and then keep it going after the end of the month. I am looking to get back into practice and getting lots of zen! New gear is always motivating, as well as the month long celebration of yoga, so let’s look at some new gear to keep you going all month long! ✌️

Untitled design-4


  1. I received this cute yoga mat towel in my Fab Fit Fun summer box and love the positive quote at the end every time I look down at it. It helps me not to slip on my mat and keeps me dry. It appears you can purchase the towel without a FFF subscription!
  2. Calia by Carrie Underwood is quickly becoming one of my favorite active ware brands and this infuser water bottle is on my list! Nothing is better than infusing water with fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs, and is a perfect refresher for after a yoga class.
  3. Lululemon tights are a go to for many of my favorite physical activities and these Flow and Go tights are so great for practice.
  4. Onzie has been a fave since I worked in specialty running retail. Their gear is perfect for any sport, including water, and they have such pretty low impact bras for yoga.
  5. Sometimes I like to use a yoga strap if I’m traveling light to class and this prAna one is super cute!
  6. If I’m needing more gear, like a change of clothes, then this Calia bag is a go to. Love the dark color for fall!
  7. How pretty is this reversible Gaiam yoga mat?!

These goodies will keep you looking great during your practice all month long! Will you be celebrating National Yoga Month this month? Participating in any daily yoga challenges or any goals for the month? Share with me!


3 Ingredient Fudge

3 Ingredient Fudge | Fresh Fit Florida

Recently on a post gym, empty stomach grocery shopping trip (huge no no pregnant or not) I purchased and promptly devoured a container of dark chocolate covered salted caramels. One of my all time favorite treats, I just couldn’t resist, and hangry me said it was fine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lately I can’t get enough of chocolate. I mean, who can’t? Example: caramels in the car situation. I can always eat chocolate…I don’t discriminate, all chocolate varieties are welcome along with every form: bars, candies, cake, etc.

I’ve also got some serious end of the second trimester energy going on (that I will seriously miss as the third trimester begins) and that brings a baking kick. Maybe because fall is right around the corner (!!!!), but nothing sounds better than a warm cup of coffee and a baked good.

I used to make chocolate fudge all the time. Usually around the holidays. It’s only three ingredients and easy as pie so why shouldn’t I make it more often? While browsing Pinterest’s holiday/events section (can you tell I’m ready for the season!?) delicious looking desserts came up and fudge was among them. And then I remembered my bomb fudge I used to make all the time. It’s been so long so I don’t know where the original recipe is from, but it’s two ingredients and nearly impossible to mess up, so scroll down below for the recipe!

3 Ingredient Fudge | Fresh Fit Florida

Three Ingredient Fudge

1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips (can use milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or even white chocolate!)

1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

The How To

Pour chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk into a small saucepan. Stir until chocolate is melted and combined. Stir in vanilla extract. That’s it. See? So easy!

3 Ingredient Fudge | Fresh Fit Florida

Pour mixture into a wax paper lined pan and set in the fridge till firm. Cut into pieces once set and eat it up!

The best part about this recipe is 1. how easy it is and 2. how basic it is. You can literally dress it up anyway and add any other flavor combinations possible! That does make it >3 ingredients, but who cares! I used to add different extracts, spices, and mix ins like mini marshmallows, pretzels, candy cane pieces, candy corn, omg possibilities are endless!

3 Ingredient Fudge | Fresh Fit Florida

I’m all excited over here about fall decorating, fall candles, and fall treats. It’s okay to decorate for Halloween now right??? No? I’ll just eat my fudge and light my candles and call it a day. ?



7 Active Adventures in Orlando, Florida

Walking around the theme parks is usually a workout in itself. It’s hot, there’s a lot of ground to cover, and by the end of the day, but sometimes it’s nice to do things outside of the crowded parks and discover some hidden gems.

I’m all about getting active during vacation (or stay cations in this case), so here are a few spots around Central Florida that’ll get your heart rate up and your adventurous side going!

7 Active Adventures in Orlando, FL | Fresh Fit Florida

Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a favorite attraction for good reason: all the animals! For an even better look, the Wild Africa Trek takes you into the habitats and provides a closer look to some of the animals. Walk through grasslands, on rope bridges, and settle in for breakfast or lunch on the savannah. This has been on my Disney bucket list for YEARS! For booking and more information, visit here.

Active Adventures in Orlando, Florida | Fresh Fit Florida

Orlando Paddle Board Tours

I love stand up paddle boarding (SUP). It’s such a fun way to get on the water and a great workout to boot. Take a tour with Orlando Paddle Board Tours and checkout some hidden gems of Central Florida. Cruise the through historic canals in Orlando’s beloved Winter Park or get a dose of tropical vibes in 72* water at Crystal River with lots of manatee sightings! For more tours, information, or to book visit their website.

Active Adventures in Orlando, FL | Fresh Fit Florida


Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park

Just minutes from Walt Disney World, the Orlando Tree Trek Park is filled with zip lining, rope bridges, swings, and more! Get up in the trees for a fun workout of swinging, climbing, and balancing in this active theme park. Follow up this family friendly activity with a breakfast buffet at Disney. You earned it!

Active Adventures in Orlando, Florida | Fresh Fit Florida


Swan Boats at Lake Eola

Downtown Orlando is off the beaten path in terms on the ‘attractions’ area, but well worth a visit! Lake Eola is most famous for it’s big swans nesting all along the mile long pathway around the lake. The path is a pretty, scenic walk that lets you in on a little of what the locals love about the ‘City Beautiful.’ Rent a swan boat for awhile and paddle all along the lake. If you go on a Saturday, make sure you stop by the farmer’s market!

Active Adventures in Orlando, Florida | Fresh Fit Florida

Me at Lake Eola after the BDR 5k!

Discovery Cove 

A visit to this all inclusive ‘water park’ is a dream experience for so many tourists and locals alike. Swim with dolphins, snorkel with tropical fish, and interact with all kinds of animals, Discovery Cove is an awesome day trip experience in Orlando. After all those activities, enjoy laying out in the sun and swimming in the lazy river. It’s an all day thing and on the pricier side, but it’s all inclusive and quite an experience! For booking and additional information, visit their website.

Leu Gardens

Another Downtown Orlando spot, Harry P. Leu Gardens is a 50 acre botanical garden ‘oasis’ filled with gorgeous flowers, plants, and history. Stroll the grounds and take in a tour and visit the historical house still located on the park grounds.

Active Adventures in Orlando, Florida | Fresh Fit Florida


Orange Picking at Showcase of Citrus

There are 50+ varieties of citrus that is grown in Central Florida! And you can pick them all. Unless there’s a variety that’s not in season…but you get the idea. At this farm you can stroll acre after acre of citrus grove and pick your own fruit! Just tell me that after a day of picking oranges you didn’t get a workout! More info here.

Active Adventures in Orlando, Florida | Fresh Fit Florida



Do you look for active adventures when on vacation? Do you like to adventure out in your hometown?