Outfit Inspiration for Princess Race Weekend

When I was a youngster and found myself at the pool, I was most definitely always playing ‘mermaid.’  I’d fight over the best mermaid names with my friends…Ariel was always taken, then we’d resort to various semi precious stones like Emerald or Diamond and would swim around the pool for hours.

Didn’t we all??

This year’s runDisney Princess Race weekend is The Little Mermaid themed…and I’m having major FOMO. This will be the first time in four years that I’m not running it- It was my very first half marathon in 2013 and I’ve done it ever since. I opted out for this year since I was registered for the marathon and figured I’d need the break…okay and to save a lil $ since back to back races are expensive! But now that it’s this month, I’m bummed I’m missing it!


Princess Weekend 2015 | Fresh Fit Florida

@ last year’s race!

Anyways, I can’t help but feel excited about The Little Mermaid theme and the overall race excitement in general. Over WDW Marathon Weekend, I picked up the New Balance special edition runDisney Ariel shoes and have been wearing them ever since and what better time to brainstorm outfit inspo, than when everyone’s gearing up for Princess weekend?! By the way, the NB shoes are going to be available again at this race weekend’s expo…read all about how to snag a pair here.

Princess Weekend Outfit Inspo | Fresh Fit Florida | Fresh Fit Florida


Here’s some mermaid outfit inspiration and gear necessary for Princess Weekend! I always choose to wear themed clothing versus a costume, because I think less is more to keep myself comfy during long runs. I always admire the runners who wear full on costumes to races..I just like to be cool and comfortable! ?


Princess Weekend Outfit Inspo | Fresh Fit Florida


  1. These leggings. I can’t. I want ’em bad! Not overly in your face mermaid so you could wear them for any workout, but just the right touch for any of the Princess races. They are for running and workouts, but also can hold up in the water.
  2. All merbabes need to hold their goodies for racing, so a Flipbelt is a great option! These belts are great for a pop of color, but also sit well under a looser top. They hold so much so you don’t have to way down your pants with nutrition, keys, or anything else you need for race day!
  3. Medal racks are essential for storing your hard earned bling! I love finding unique medal holders and this mermaid one is stylish and perfect for all the precious bling over Princess weekend. This rack is a sweet edition to home decor and will look pretty holding all your medals.
  4. You know how I feel about muscle tanks! And one with an appropriate phrase for the theme works for me. Etsy has literally thousands of cute tanks, tees, and apparel, the options are endless. But this teal and pink one spoke to me.
  5. Jewelry probably isn’t a top priority when planning a race day outfit, but I always wear my princess crown earrings for a runDisney race. I work ’em for my first Princess half and have ever since. I think they bring good luck! These starfish ones are really cute and add a subtle touch.
  6. I just got this Sweaty Band during a sale back in January. I love the combination of teals and blues and thought it’d be great for spring and summer. I couldn’t find it available, but here are two picks that will go perfectly with whatever you decide to wear: mint green or multi colored!
  7. All mermaids need to drink that water to stay beautiful and hydrated! Tote this bottle around during the expo to make sure you’re sipping water to hydrate for the race!

Princess Weekend Outfit Inspo | Fresh Fit Florida

all dressed up nowhere to go ?

shoes | leggings (similar)

Are you running any races during Princess Weekend?? If so, I’m feelin’ jealous! ?

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    1. Thank you Katie!! I love cute workout gear..I have way too much! Disney races are so much fun and so worth the price! I hope you do one someday! 🙂

    1. Thanks Laura! I love them too!! Cute workout clothes definitely are a motivator for me…it’s way to easy to justify buying some! 😉

    1. So cute!! She’s my favorite Disney princess!

  1. Okay, I just love all those running goodies! Those leggings are awesome, I agree that they’re perfect! And those shoes!! Anything aqua is my fav. I also need the tank top.

    1. Haha me too Betsy!! ? Thanks for reading!!

  2. Ohhh I love these!! I’ve wanted to do a Disney race for a while, maybe this will be the inspiration I need to finally take the plunge!

    1. Thank you Megan!! You definitely should…they are so much fun!!

  3. Love the colors of your outfit inspo!


    1. Thank you Alix!! I’m loving teal right now!

  4. I’m running the Glass Slipper. I know how you feel about missing out though. I didn’t sign up last year because my life was so up in the air at the time. I regretted it for sure, especially since I was still there as a spectator for my friends and mom.

    1. So exciting Kristin! I did GSC the first year and loved it! That’s tough to be there and not be able to run it. Spectating at the Disney races is always so fun though. I may be able to head out to cheer this weekend. Good luck at your races! 🙂

  5. With the Disney Princess 5K being a family fun run, this look is for a younger athlete in the family.

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