Easy and Fun Date Night In!

As new parents, not only is it hard to get out for a date night, but it’s also super easy for us to push our relationship to the bottom of the priority list. We’ve been trying to make time for ourselves and this fun and sexy game from my friend Natalee at Kissing Often has come up with an easy option for all couples to enjoy a night in!



Hello there everyone! My name is Natalee and I am the founder of Kissing Often. My passion is keeping the love alive in relationships. I believe that it is important to keep the romance and intimacy in your relationship alive and well, but if we’re honest sometimes it’s really hard. Kids, crazy schedules, and work then before you know it the day is done and you’re beat! 

My goal is that I can help keep that spark between you and yours. My site is completely dedicated to fun and creative ways to spice things up. There you will find intimacy ideas, date night ideas, and simple ways to let your sweetie know that you are thinking of them, and you appreciate them. Many of our ideas are able to be done from home too! All you have to do is print out our adorable free printables that accompany each idea and you’re set! 

I am so excited to be sharing one of my latest ideas with you all today! It’s called The Dice Game (super creative title, I know). But trust me, give these a roll and you’ll see just how fun this intimate bedroom game will be! 

Easy and Fun Date Night In- Dice Game

Not only is this game simple and easy (because we have done all the hard work for you), but it is super fun! It’s always a blast when you can take something as ordinary as dice and turn it into an intimate idea for you and your spouse! I love making up fun little ways to take ordinary games and making them fun for the bedroom. 

This game is perfect for everyone! Whether you are on a tight budget and can’t get out, are new parents and don’t have a sitter, or you just want to add some sizzle and surprise in the bedroom. 

So allow me to explain how this little game works. You’ll start off by putting together the dice that we have included in your printable pack. Simply cut them out and tape or glue them together. Let’s be real though, tape is easier and faster. Now the game goes like this. You and your sweetie will take turns rolling the dice. If an ODD number is rolled, then whoever rolled that number must remove an article of clothing. If an EVEN number is rolled, then that player must draw an action card! Whatever the card says, the player who drew that card must do immediately. 

Easy and Fun Date Night in- Dice Game

Of course you have everything that you need in the printable pack that we have put together. There you will find dice, action cards, an invitation to leave for your sweetheart, and the rules of the game. A little tape, you, and your sweetheart is all you need to make this happen. 

You can get your FREE printables here : Dice Date

For other fun ideas please visit me at http://www.kissingoften.com/ 

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you all enjoy!

So what do you think of this fun game?? How easy it is to pop open some wine, print off the cards, and enjoy a sweet night in together! Thanks Natalee for sharing!


    1. I think so too! 🙂

  1. My husband and I are staying in this Valentine’s Day so I think this would be a fun game!!

    1. Perfect for nights in!

    1. It’s such a good way to get silly and enjoy each other. We’re big game night people!

    1. Ooh so true! Definitely a good reason to stay in!

  2. These cards sound like such a fun idea! I love cheap date nights at home, and this one looks like something I’d love to do with my hubby sometime. I also love the reason behind starting the company! Way to go!

    1. Me too Rebecca! Easy and fun works for me!

  3. What a cute way to spend date night! Love this idea! Add alcohol to make it extra fun haha

  4. I love this! This will be on my list for Valentine’s Day weekend!

    1. Thanks Taylor! Easy and fun date night in! 🙂

  5. This looks so fun! Such a good dat night idea. Simple and doesn’t cost a lot 🙂

    1. Love nights in like that!!

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