Semi-Annual Sale Wish List

Victoria Secret’s Semi Annual Sale began yesterday! Guys, sports bras for $9.99!? I’ve already placed an online order but plan to hit up the stores sometime this week to see what’s good in person. In my experience, there’s a larger selection  online, but limited sizes. I’m going to hit the stores this week to see if any of my top 10 is available in the stores. I’ll share my haul on IG stories…follow along here!

Here are the 10 things in my shopping cart for the semi annual sale!

The Incredible bra is my usual sports bra go to, but lately have been loving the front zips. I just ordered this print from the sale for only $19.99!

Never met a jogger I didn’t like. 

The VS Sport Knockout tights are a favorite of mine. High waisted, holds ya in, lifts the booty. What more do you need?? 

I hate planks, but do ’em anyways. 

Ordered this tank because I am the daughter of some serious parrot heads. Plus I just want to see Buffett over the weekend. 

Only stock up on undies when 7/$27 or when three bucks I can’t be the only one??

Cardi-oh no tank..other styles available too. Big time fan of muscle tanks.

In need of some running shorts that my friends don’t lovingly refer to as banana hammock shorts. These would prob do it…

Love the style of these black moto leggings.

Sucker for anything tropical print, coffee, or running related. NEED.

Have you been to the stores yet to scope out the sale? Please share with me what you have found!

OH. It’s also the Bath and Body Works semi annual sale. Here’s a quick 10 of what I ordered too! ?

Candles for half off. Yep.

Some of my summer faves!

Don’t forget shower wash…another thing I only ever stock up on when on super sale…

Life goal is to permanently to smell like coconuts…so this sale helps…

Also, just got that scrub and I plan to do a review of it + their newer body care, so stay tuned!



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